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We’ve Moved! Five Blondes is now January 15, 2008

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Exciting, non?

Quick – meet us there!


With Love,
The FiveBlondes.


Starting 2008 with an ouch. January 2, 2008

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What a horrible horrible year so far.

Yesterday Scott and I made the rounds to family house’s because we are Dutch and celebrate our heritage by getting together and eating deep fried goodness and lots of soup. However on our first stop I slammed the door on my thumb which proceeded to turn black and blue and is still bleeding today. Ouch

ouch_hurt_thumb.jpg (not my finger)

And now today… the 2nd day of 2008 and I go to work to find that my office was broken into and my computer is stolen with all my files and everything that I need for work. I cried lots today. Could 2008 get any worse? Lets hope not.


Merry Christmas! December 24, 2007

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Here is a little Christmas cheer to keep you busy. Decorating a gingerbread house with no mess!  Click on the picture above!

Merry Christmas!


Frustrating December 21, 2007

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Time out for a rant:

Know what is frustrating?

When you have a job that is rarely busy, and realtors never ask for help. You just sit at your desk all day, in your office all alone, making work for yourself. Then a realtor calls and asks if you will be working on the day before Christmas and you say you are not sure yet (gosh darn it, it’s the day before Christmas, do people really need to buy a farm on the day before Christmas?) and they say “okay, well I’ll be working” and you ask, will you need me to do anything? and he says “I don’t know if I will need your help,” but seems frustrated that you are not working, because what if he needs me to do some minuscule task?! What the heck is up with that? Would it make him feel better just to know that I was sitting in the office, miserable to be working on Christmas eve and bored out of my mind?

End rant out loud, continue rant in my head.


Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. December 18, 2007

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I seriously suck at this whole blogging thing!! BUT!! I am going to try. Every time I write one I stop halfway through and delete it so this is your promise that that won’t happen this time. Even if this is the most boring thing you have ever read I promise that I will keep on truckin.

So today is Tuesday otherwise known as my day off! Also my payday so it means I always do a lot of napping and shopping. This morning I went shopping with my two friends named Michelle. We finished up a bit of Christmas shopping then went out for lunch, then to Chapters for awhile. After that I took a nice long nap. Leah and I stayed up way too last last night playing guitar so it was needed. I taught her her first 3 chords! And a song! Later I will go to Kent’s house and cuddle with him and try to set up my ipod. The instruction booklet seems to say (in picture form with no words) that I just hook it up to my computer, open up itunes and it will magically work… that did not happen. Nothing happened. So I need to figure it out.

 This morning I got the weirdest call from some solicitor, who seem to call here at least 3 times a day. They said they are marketing magazines to Thorndale, Ontario (haha if they had ever been to Thorndale they would know that right away that sounds way fishy) and for free they would like to send us a subscription to Style at Home Decorating, Canadian Living, and Lulu, this new shopping magazine that I think Erica reads sometimes. That sounded great to me, and all they needed to know were some of my hobbies. After I told them some hobbies they told me that in order to get the magazines we would have to subscribe to Macleans for only $2 a week. What a stupid catch. We already get Macleans from Oma, AND Michelle P bought her dad a subscription to Macleans for a year for Christmas and it only cost $48! So basically they are charging us double for something we don’t even want in the first place. UGH… I was looking forward to that Style At Home Decorating magazine coming here every month along with the House & Home we already get that I love. So that is the story about how I almost got us three magazine subscriptions for free but then found out that I am just naive and should not have trusted them in the first place.

I am looking forward to Christmas but it will be my first Christmas Day away from home. I’m going to Kent’s family’s house because he never gets to see them ever, and I haven’t even met most of his extended family. His nana is coming up from Cape Breton so I think it’s important that I meet her. I’m really hoping the weather cooperates because the last 2 times we’ve tried to go to Toronto, there has been huge snowstorms. Kent will be sooo sad if he misses Christmas with his fam. I’m really excited for it, especially to meet his 3 aunts that he says will be obsessed with me. I’m not really sure why… but… it will be interesting anyways!


Memories December 17, 2007

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From left to right: Katelyn, Micaela, Leah, Erica and Lauren

Us as kids, we were so cute!

Photoshoping by Lauren.


LOLWeddings December 13, 2007

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Since Erica likes icanhascheezburger I thought it would be funny to share these two website I discovered today.


This first one is from LOLVogue.  I love it, 🙂

And now they came up with LOLWedding.


What will they come up with next.