Five Blondes

most of the time, at least. Sisters forever.

In The Beginning… July 17, 2007

Filed under: blogging,sisterhood — Erica @ 10:29 am

There was a Facebook message.

It was from me, to my four sisters. “Would you guys like to set up a collaborative blog?” I asked. Each of us has blogged at one time or another – we were just never very good at keeping up with it.

“I don’t mean a blog for blogging’s sake, but something we can monetize and make money off of too. Ad revenue could be worth our time. ” I thought that might peak their interest even more.

The second paragraph had a more laid back, flattering approach: “Quite honestly I think we have pretty exciting lives that others might find interesting. Mom’s a terrific writer and could have a section. If we can each commit to writing at least an article a week, we could have some fun.”

Now for the final push: “I can register the domain name right now for $20 for a full year. Doesn’t include hosting but I can look into that. We likely will need to invest a little bit into having some graphic design work done, unless we can manage it.”

I’ve always wanted a domain.

“Interested? Have a different suggestion for domain? Let me know…”

I got a positive response from Kate less than 30 minutes later. Success! Leah chimed in later that evening with a suggestion of an alternate domain name. The next morning brought a message from Micaela, who wants to be “world famous.” Well hey, if we have readers from all over the world eventually, doesn’t that qualify as world famous?

We’ve since settled on, a perfect description of us.

Oh, and the fifth sister? Lauren? Would someone kick her butt out of bed already?

Side note: I can’t find a theme that I like.  I have a graphic design in mind for us, however no graphics program with which to make it reality.  At least I can work out the coding until then!


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