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Kate’s intro July 18, 2007

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So before I jump into everything and you get to read all this blogging goodness I want to introduce myself and give a bit of a history.

I’m Katelyn, the middle blond sister and I’m 21 (soon to be 22!). I recently graduated from University with my Bachelor of Science in Agriculture. So now I work at a real estate firm doing administration for realtor’s who are selling farms. Sounds glamorous eh? It’s not what I see myself doing in the future, but now it will do.

When I’m not working you will find me swimming (in the local quarry), golfing, playing baseball, hanging out with my friends and sisters and wedding planning because I’m getting married in October! That’s probably the most exciting that’s happening in my life right now so most of my blogging will be about that, because that’s my life! So I’m the middle child and I’m getting married first. Probably not how my older sisters had it planned out (sorry girls!) but my fiancé Scott had other plans. We got engaged over Christmas of 2006 and quickly decided we wanted a fall wedding and the date was set. I won’t say too much more about this otherwise I will have nothing else to blog about in the future because, really that’s all I talk about lately.

I’ve had a bumpy writing past. I’ve been writing in my live journal pretty regularly and in the past I have also had a blog that I wrote in. In my live journal and blog I wrote about my life in university and all the things that made me tick and all that made me happy. In high school I never liked writing. English was my least favourite subject, only being made better when I had friends in the class or when I had humorous/klutzy teachers. Such as the one, who, during class leaned on my friends glasses and broke them while she was out at the washroom. It was funny to watch him try to explain to her what happened when she returned. Perhaps one reason I hated English class so much was because in Grade 9 it was during English class that my friends realized I had mistakenly worn my shirt backwards and announced it to the whole class while my face quickly turned bright red. However I did survive and even had to take an English class in university. Then one semester I signed up for an Agricultural Communications class in university and I realized writing could be enjoyable/tolerated. Before that class I wrote essay after essay and entering the communications class was like a light bulb being turned on. We wrote lots of articles on topics we chose or were chosen for us and scripts. My writing was even published in the local 4-H magazine, quite an accomplishment for a girl who hates English. This is not to say that my future spanned from that single moment but I do feel like I developed something that I had not in the past.

So I didn’t really write much history about myself but it will have to do for now.


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    Great picture!

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