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Yes, we’re Harry Potter fans. July 19, 2007

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But really, who isn’t these days?

I visited the official website of actress Emma Watson (Hermione Granger in the HP films) today and I must say, it’s beautiful. From the background picture of the stunning young woman to Emma’s own artistry on the left-hand side of the page, is one of those rare websites that is truly not only easy on, but pleasing to the eye.

Website content sits gently atop the background picture of Emma. The GUI is very simple and easy-to-navigate, even for the youngest Harry Potter fan – although the young visitor may have difficulty reading the pale-coloured links on the bottom of the page. Pay attention to the bar along the bottom of the page – it changes colour when you click on a different link!

There is a lovely, well-written biography of Emma as well as fan FAQ’s, news of her latest public appearances, and photos. Emma has a blog as well, though for that you need to register – a quick and painless process.

The only part of the site that left me wanting more was the graphic to the left of the page. Somehow I expected a little more interactivity from it – perhaps an easter egg here or there? Hopefully, the “webmistress” (as Emma calls her) is working on this!

One last note: Testing this page link, I’ve noticed that upon each visit to the site, a different background image populates. Good feature – sure to illicit repeat visitors – or prompt visitors to hit “refresh” multiple times.

Emma Watson

Please note that in order to properly enjoy Emma’s website, you must have Adobe Flash Player 8 installed and Javascript enabled.




If you’re not into Emma Watson, here’s a time-waster for you:





2 Responses to “Yes, we’re Harry Potter fans.”

  1. Katelyn Says:

    Love the new look

  2. ConnieB Says:

    So if a mom person wanted to become “word famous” using this medium, how would she go about accessing a password? Love, love, love the idea by the way!

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