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The engagement July 27, 2007

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So, as mentioned in my intro post I’m getting married in October. My fiancé Scott and I got engaged on Christmas eve day. He wrapped the ring up in a box with a picture frame stating ‘Will you marry me.’ And we all know the rest of the story- I said yes and we began announcing it to the family! Scott chose a great time to propose as we would be seeing most of our family in the next 2 days and knew it would make the announcement easier to make. I loved hearing about the ways that some members of our family found out about the engagement.

Lauren- from hearing shrieks from downstairs while she was in the shower. She got mad at Scott- ‘couldn’t you wait until I was out of the shower!’

Mic was in the room when the engagement happened however since she was not wearing her glasses she couldn’t see what I was obsessing over.

Leah came home to see the picture frame sitting on the mantel, but we had all gone to our Oma’s for Christmas eve dinner. She then said to her boyfriend ‘is this a joke?!’ He replied with ‘it would be a pretty cruel joke!’ Then they rushed over to see us and find out for good.

Other members of the family at Oma’s expected our other sister to get engaged, so they were all on ring patrol and Erica simply said to them ’keep looking!’

Sadly Scott’s family did not find out in the same joyous way that my family did. We made the mistake of changing my status on facebook (you all know relationship statuses are so serious on facebook) to engaged. Scott’s sister saw that it said engaged but didn’t tell her parents, but the cousins began calling her. Scott’s parents found out at church that evening, not from us. Luckily they were not mad when we got home simply said ‘Congrats! And make sure we find out first hand when you start having kids! haha’.

And after that all the real fun started.



One Response to “The engagement”

  1. Lara Says:

    hey!! My friend Nicole who got engaged about a month ago did the SAME thing! They changed their status on facebook first, and her family was pissed! You are lucky Scott has such an understanding fam, and i will make note to myself that i need to save the facebook status change to LAST when my time comes around! haha

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