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Lululemon comes to London August 3, 2007

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Lululemon LogoCoinciding nicely with Lululemon being listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (LLL : TSX), this weekend I discovered that delightful red calling card of a future Lululemon storefront in Masonville Mall.

Joy! Bliss! Weight will soon be lost – from the wallet, at least.

I’ve been anticipating Lululemon coming to London for some time now. The brand can be seen all over the Western campus on clothing, book bags, and sometimes – sometimes! – even yoga wear.

Lululemon was once available from downtown Moksha Yoga in London, however last year sometime they stopped carrying it (although they continue to say they do on their website). I’m not sure of the exact reason, although I heard a rumor that it may be related to Lululemon moving their manufacturing off-shore. I emailed the store and Annette tells me that they “have a limited supply of Lululemon clothing still in stock”.

Regardless of where their clothing is manufactured and despite the fact that I don’t go to regular yoga classes, I love Lululemon – it’s great for biking, and they make the coziest sweatshirts I’ve ever worn!

You can sign up for weekly product notifications specific to individual Lululemon stores – my name is already on the list. See you at the Grand Opening!


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