Five Blondes

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Honeymoon please. August 9, 2007

Filed under: katelyn,Wedding — Kate @ 2:00 pm

So the wedding is quickly approaching. Today marks 79 days until the wedding! It’s time to get our stuff in order. Details are underway, such as table runners, centerpieces, the dress, invitations, and extra stuff. Pumpkins are growing in the field, and the honeymoon has been booked!

Scott and I booked a Junior Suite at Paradisus Playa Conchal, in Costa Rica! We don’t leave until the 5th because we are staying for a friend’s wedding which is a week after ours. 10 days of relaxation. There’s many activities I want to do there, like zip-lining, swimming in hot springs and golfing (provided the price is not outrageous). Check out the following images, makes you want to go jump on a plane and fly today! The pool looks AMAZING.



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