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What Is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened To You? August 14, 2007

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Lately my refuge from the street sounds on my bike rides to and from work has been CBC radio podcasts. I would say that my favorite podcast is “The Best of DNTO” – that’s Definitely Not The Opera for all you non-CBC listeners. Recent podcast topics have included your mom ‘friending you’ on Facebook (A Facebook Only a Mother Could Love – June 17) – we can relate (in a good way)!

This afternoon I listened to “Respecting our elders with Leslie Nielson, Sarah Polley, and more” (March 22 2007). In the podcast, Sook-Yin Lee visited a retirement home to chat with some seniors living there. One of the questions she asked really got me thinking.

What is the best thing that’s happened to you?

I had to think for a block or two until I could decide on what my ‘best thing’ is. Then, just before I started writing, I came up with another best thing.

Best Thing #1: Getting (re)hired at The Fox. This event, although it interrupted a family brunch, was fantastic because it led up to many other great events, most notably meeting my boyfriend.

Best Thing #2: Learning how to ski. I’m sure there are some people reading this thinking, doesn’t she mean snowboard? Truthfully, no. I do mean skiing – because if I had hadn’t learned how to ski, I likely wouldn’t have learned how to snowboard. I also wouldn’t have many of the great friends I have now, and I never would have traveled out west and had a great time working in Banff.

So, it seems as though my ‘best things’ were the initial events in chains of events. Is that fair? Yes. It’s fair because I say it is.

Do you have a ‘Best Thing’ in your life?


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