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My Ideal Job August 17, 2007

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Since graduating University and realizing that the job I now work in is not at all where I see myself in the future I find people asking me more and more what my ideal job is. So here’s the catch, I really don’t know. I have had various jobs in the past and basically loved them all.

Snowboarding instructor

Golf Course Maintenance worker

Farmers Hand (on the home farm)

Research and Development Student for a chemical company

I guess I was not thinking when I accepted a job where 1. I would be working by myself and 2. I’m in an office, all day. I was blinded by the fact that it was a full time job and I was coming out of University, what an opportunity! This job really isn’t bad at times, when it is busy it is actually quite entertaining. However very rarely is it busy and so I’m getting lazier. When I’m busy when I get a new task I get it done right away. But when there’s not much to do, I put it off because I have so much time to get it done later.

Heres what I think I need in a job:

1. Outdoors (either all outdoors or flexibility indoor/outdoor work)

2. People

3. Accomplishment (I need to feel like what I am doing is actually helping something)
I think that I’d like to try landscaping sometime (designing not cutting lawns all the time). You definately get accomplishment in that job!

Whats in your ideal job?


2 Responses to “My Ideal Job”

  1. Birdie Says:

    Hola from New Mexico! I am the a Contributing Editor for BlogHer, and am going to feature your blog in the morning. : ) As the oldest of five girls – and no boys – I can relate, big time! I have my own personal blog as well, but my sisters and I have a joint blog, too, but we keep it private so we can share all of our intimate family stuff. You gals rock! Keep up the great work.

  2. shopaholicdiva24 Says:

    Thankfully I am in my ideal job already. I absolutely love what I do, and while, right now it is not financially making sense, and I worry often as to whether i will ever be able to make ends meet in the real (non-parent) supported world. I don’t know what is better, being on your way to financial independence, or doing what you love, yet not being able to make a living quite yet. I am passionate about what i do, and I look forward to expanding on it, and owning my own Wellness Clinic someday, but don’t worry Kate, Life is VERY LONG! There is tuns of time for school, and growth, and career changes!!

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