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This is your life, I get copied keys August 22, 2007

This week has been such a big week for us. These coming weeks will also hold big changes for this family. Erica getting engaged, me leaving to go to university, Kent moving away (again). It seems every time he comes over he is permanently here for a couple weeks, then disappears.

So now that I’m going away it will be hard for me to live vicariously through my sisters. It seems that I am always a third wheel in their relationships, and I’d have to say I’m pretty okay with it…the boyfriends may not be, but thats alright.  Having just spent a “weekend” away camping with two of my best friends who are going back to high school for another year has made me think about keeping these friendships when I go away. I think I’ll try, but seeing as how I get jealous easily, I’ll see how much time they spend together and most likely get disappointed or something.


3 Responses to “This is your life, I get copied keys”

  1. fiveblondes Says:

    Laur, concentrate on making your university experience the best it can be. Let us live vicariously through you!

  2. micaelaa Says:

    Don’t get too sad LaurLaur! Kent’s only moving to London…

  3. Lauren Says:

    mic i’m not sad kents moving…he leaves his barn clothes in the bathroom!

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