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The case of the smelly PIG-NAPPING! August 23, 2007

Filed under: agriculture,Family,farming,life,news,pigs,random,weird — Erica @ 4:29 pm

I was reading some news articles on and this one jumped out at me:

Thieves carried off 22 pigs in compact car, say police

WOW. To sum up the story for you, a pair of guys (aged 19 and 20) stuffed 550 kgs (thats about 1200 lbs) of loud, dirty, smelly pigs into a compact car. They ate one (I hope they cooked it well) and sold the rest to “unsuspecting customers”.

We grew up on a pig farm (three of us still live at home), and I for one find this story completely absurd. Our parents would never have purchased pigs from two young guys in a compact car. I don’t know any farmers around here who would get involved with such a weird scam.

It kind of reminds me of a running joke around our home when we were younger. A friend or relative would knock on the door and then open it right away (we’re classic Canadians who leave our doors unlocked 24/7) and yell “Helloooo!” Typically, someone would yell back “go away! We don’t want any encyclopedias!”
And finally, it seems a though this is not the first time this has happened to this farmer! Thieves once butchered two pigs right in his barn and made off with the meat. I wonder if they were trained as butchers?  More about the story here:

Pig-napping case angers N.B. farmer


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