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Photography August 27, 2007

I love photography, as does the rest of my family. When we were younger mom would take lots of pictures of us, and even made us have photo shoots. These photos are really cute to look back on. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that it would be a really amazing job to be a photographer. Be it family, children, or wedding photography. You get to capture memories for people to remember and look back on for years and even generations later.

Finding a wedding photographer was a bit of a challenge. I’m fairly picky about what I wanted, but knew that we would not be able to afford the really amazing photographers out there. Most photographers these days have websites so you can easily look online to find a photographer and assess their work. I decided on our photographer after looking at her website, and meeting with her. I really liked the pictures and could see that she had a creative side, so it wasn’t all traditional photography. Also when we met with her she was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. Here are some examples of her work.. Brenda Coghlin




And once we got our engagement pictures back, I got really excited for the wedding photos!



Even though we have a photographer I can not stop looking at photography blogs. Mostly wedding photographer blogs. They are my guilty pleasure and really inspire me to try and start taking pictures like they do. Here are a few of my favorite ones, and no these photographers do NOT come cheap!

The image is found

Scarlett Lillian

Lauren Clark

McLellan Studio

Jinky Art


4 Responses to “Photography”

  1. Ehab Says:

    lovely pictures man : ) .. good editing in some – and plain beautiful pictures – the rest

  2. Lara Says:

    OMG…so I do the same thing all the time! I love your choice of photographer , your engagement photos are beautiful!

  3. Micaela Says:

    You forgot my fave!!

  4. Kate Says:

    Sorry Mic, its just that they had not updated in so long I got mad at them.
    Thanks Lara, I love the pictures too!

    I really want to learn how to edit the pictures, because sometimes enhancing the colours can totally change the image and make it look so much better.

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