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Get Your Blog Featured on Fechr! August 30, 2007

Filed under: blogging,erica,life,random,SEO — Erica @ 2:19 pm

Fechr is a site that (as its name suggests) features a different blog every day. It’s great for people like me who spend time clicking from blog to blog, looking for those gems hidden among the random, rarely-updated blogs abandoned by their keepers. It’s also great for bloggers like us, just trying to drive traffic! Maybe you’ll see us on Fechr one of these days…

Today’s “fechr” is a favorite blog of mine, Bloggrrl! For those interested in Bloggrrl, she has fantastic tips on blogging, making money blogging, and has possibly my favorite blog banner of all time. I highly suggest taking a look!

If you have your own blog, why not get yourself featured too?  Let everyone know that the FiveBlondes told you about Fechr, of course!

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One Response to “Get Your Blog Featured on Fechr!”

  1. thats cool . i did . it was looking really special /

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