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How Would You Classify Your Facebook Profile Picture? August 30, 2007

According to BuzzCanuck, there are 65 Ways to Post a Facebook Profile Picture! Who knew? They’re all listed on his blog according to his preference. I recently changed my FB profile pic (I had the same one for months previously!) and wondered how it might be classified? Even better – how all 5 of our pictures might be classified!!

Erica’s FB profile pic
You could title it “Waiting For My Turn in Whoonu”, but BC might classify it (ok, I hope it might be classified this way) as #17, the “Thinking Man Person Shot“. Or maybe a new classification: Bored Much?



Micaela’s FB Pic

She’s just enjoying life here! Definitely #14, “Kickin’ Back/Chillin“. On a boat, no less! Also might fall under a sub-category of #4, Street Scene: Nature Scene – that would be 4b, perhaps? Or maybe even BuzzCanuck’s #1, “Noxema Girl Fresh-Faced Innocent Shot” – though we know she’s not all that innocent…


Kate FB pic



Stunning engagement photo, anyone? Or maybe #53, “This Is My Partner“. No, they don’t share a profile…Scott, along with my D-Dawg, is a Facebook holdout (for now).

As you can see, this is also one of those extra-long profile pictures that dominates space on a profile. BuzzCanuck labels these, “The Vertical Shot” (number 10 on the list). As this is an engagement photo, you can be sure that come October 28 she’ll have #41, “Wedding Shot“, showing off the lovely dress Mom is making her!



Leah FB pic


So this is Leah. She’s our “special sister” who can’t even find a few minutes a week to post on the blog :(We love her nonetheless. Even though she bites. #3 – Slice of Life. Specifically, slice of the FiveBlondes life (whose finger is that anyway??)!



Lauren FB pic


Lauren likes taking self-portraits with her MacBook -#22 “I Used my Web Camera“. She likes rendering pictures she takes too, and using those distorting features that can make your nose / chin / eye bulge out alarmingly!



Do you have a favorite type of profile picture? What kind of Facebook profile picture do you have right now?


8 Responses to “How Would You Classify Your Facebook Profile Picture?”

  1. Kate Says:

    Thats my finger that Leah is biting.

  2. Lauren Says:

    er i believe in your picture you are looking at denis that way..

  3. Erica Says:

    OK, then it’s classified as “looking lovingly at fiance”!!

  4. Kate Says:

    Is “plotting fiance’s death” an option? It might be that one.


  5. Lauren Says:

    watch out d-dawg

  6. sean moffitt Says:

    Thanks for dissecting my picture profiel so well.

    Very good analyis of your 5 blondes…interest8ng variety here…



  7. i think these are the cute pics . nice theme too .

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