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It’s Blog Day! Celebrate with the FiveBlondes August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007

Today, August 31st, is the third-annual Blog Day in the blogosphere. To join the celebration, bloggers are asked to post recommendations of 5 blogs with links and short descriptions. Five blogs…five blondes…is this day made for us or what?

Erica’s Nomination:

Personal finance for the rest of us! I love the advice that you can find on personal finance blogs; here’s one of the go-to resources for everything related to money, investing, debt, and saving. Yesterday’s posts included an article on wedding etiquette – addressing issues such as being invited to weddings far away, and making it as economical as possible for out-of-towners to attend your own wedding. Great advice for us!

Micaela’s Nomination:

Though she hasn’t posted much over the summer, PaigeSix has spent the last 3 years chronicling her life and experiences in university – and now in the working world. She never holds back and is a fantastic writer. She went to the same university that I did, and Mic used to ask me jokingly if I saw Paige Six today…

Katelyn’s Nomination:

Katelyn first told me about this blog because she found it inspiring – something to model ours after. I find it very interesting – whether Heather is writing about or taking pictures of her dog (who can balance the most impressive items on his nose), her daughter (adorable!), or her extended family (Mormons), she never fails to interest or amuse!

Leah’s Nomination:

Since Leah is moving today and is too busy to participate, I’ve picked an old favorite of ours. Scott Loudoun, aka. Scottage Cheese, is a crazy guy in Victoria, BC who is also a talented photographer. He used to have this obsessive online fan base (check out some of his posts from 2005/2006 when he was getting comments numbering in the hundreds – 747 on one in particular) but he hasn’t updated his blog since May. His photography alone is worth the visit – there is literally days worth of reading and admiring to be done! I highly recommend reading this hilarious account of mistaken arrest in particular.

Lauren’s Nomination:

This is a joint nomination from Micaela, Katelyn, and Lauren – cute pics of Kjersti’s family, among other subjects!


2 Responses to “It’s Blog Day! Celebrate with the FiveBlondes”

  1. Lauren Says:

    i also recommend, he’s from California, his name is Dominic, and like Scott is a very talented photographer, and has a lot of recent updates

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