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Live from Carlton: It’s Lauren! September 2, 2007

Filed under: Family,friends,lauren,life,personal,sisterhood,university — Lauren B @ 11:10 pm

Hi all! I’m in residence now, and i LOVE LOVE LOVE my roomate kaylee. I also have some other friends from my high school here, one a year older and one who was a best friend from before. Sooo writing on kates facebook made me realize how much i missed my sisters :(. and apparently i “ruined katelyns life” by moving so we couldn’t take anymore bale pictures. Sorry kate, I guess we can take some at the wedding!!
Leah needs to write on here….


2 Responses to “Live from Carlton: It’s Lauren!”

  1. micaelaa Says:

    Keep us updated!

    From KATE

  2. lbontje Says:

    Ummm… not enough information?! TELL US MORE


    (not whichever “lbontje” i am signed in as)

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