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You’re every song, and I sing along cuz you’re my everything September 3, 2007

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Today I spent a really awesome day with Kent: we woke up around 9, watched some Rachel Ray, headed out to Guelph, visited Leah at the Fat Duck, visited other Leah at their house for 2.5 seconds while I stole a bathing suit, thennn went tubing at the Elora Gorge! Parts of it were very scary, others were really relaxing and we just laid out with our legs on each others tubes and chatted and suntanned. Next we went to the Elora Quarry which was AMAZING! Such a cool place, I would definitely recommend both. After a trip to Swiss Chalet we went to the racetrack and gambled on horses. I am financially cautious when it comes to gambling, and most other things besides clothes, so I only bet $2 on a few horses but I DID win $4.30 on one! Kent made a large bet of $12 on one race and won a whopping $12.15!

The day was quite excellent until the way home… well the first bit of it was fine, with Kent seranading me with Michael Buble’s “Everything” for a good 15 minutes (sounds muuuch more romantic and less annoying than it really was trust me!!). He also enjoyed belting it out to various songs and changing words around (you becomes poo, me becomes pee, day becomes gay… you get the idea). Finally we got to that point where we were tired and just wanted to listen to music, except we have very different but both very strong musical tastes. It usually leads to arguing, but today we agreed that we needed to set some rules. Kent (the driver today) decided the rule should be that the driver chooses but I obviously disagreed. Finally the rules we agreed upon were:

 1. During the day, the driver chooses because the passenger can do other things like look at scenery or read or dance.

2. After nightfall, the driver and the passenger both get an equal amount of time listening to music of their choice (today the time allotted was half an hour but I suppose would be shortened for shorter drives!)

3. If their time is up and it’s in the middle of a song, the chooser can finish listening to a song, but they can’t change the station right before their time is up if its the end of a song, just so they can get one more song in.

4. If they hear a song that they know is one of the other person’s favourite, the nice thing to do is leave it on if they want. “That’s a big IF” Kent said when I suggested that one, although he did leave on a scratchy version of Delilah for me… but maybe that was after I told him that he definitely doesn’t love me after he skipped through it the first time. 🙂

 There are probably more, but those are the main ones. After setting all of those rules we had no more arguments about music choices! It worked very well, for now anyways. Let me know if you have any you think I should add or how you deal with differing musical tastes during long car rides. 


15 Responses to “You’re every song, and I sing along cuz you’re my everything”

  1. Erica Says:

    Good rules, although I don’t agree with #1 – as someone who can’t drive due to medical reasons, the cards are automatically stacked against me! Also, D-Dawg complains when I read because then I’m ‘boring’. Sometimes you just can’t win.

  2. lilsister Says:

    Er, maybe you should just dance then. thats not very boring. Emily and I went tubing on the Elora Gorge. SO fun!

  3. Erica Says:

    Oh, and if you really want to win gambling, take D-dawg. He always wins at the casino. It makes me sick :p

  4. Laura Says:

    Hey, your sister Leah goes to the U of G? Awesome, that’s where I attending uni for 5 years before moving back out west!! Elora is gorgeous, you’re right.

    I have extremely different musical tastes than my fiance – he’s a metalhead and I like top 40’s, classic rock and country! We set the music-listening rules like this:

    1. For short drives (under 1 hour), the person whose car we’re in gets to choose the music. We alternate cars for each trip.

    2. For longer drives, we burn a CD with 50% my music choices and 50% his music choices and play it. We try to include some music that we both like on it.

    3. We each get veto power over up to 5 songs per car ride. I particularly can’t stand the metal songs with the super screechy vocals that the fiance is so partial to, and he always puts the kibosh on Michael Buble and Bryan Adams and the like.

    4. If it’s our favourite band or singer, then we get to listen to it even if the other person doesn’t like it. For my fiance this means Metallica and for me this means Shania Twain.

  5. Micaela Says:

    WOW your rules are even more intense than ours! I am so surprised that someone else actually has set rules! I really,really like them! Especially burning CDs with music you both like.

  6. Lara Says:

    This was a great topic!! Ryan and I had a road trip this weekend as well, and it is one of my favorite things to do. For some reason I will find ny excuse to get him trapped in a car with me for hours on end! Maybe its being used to spending hours and hours in tractor with him. Luckily we both like pretty much all music! But I love making C.Ds. This trip I made one with new music, and one with songs that are fun to SING really LOUD! LOL! It was a fun ride!

  7. Laura Says:

    Lol Micaela – we HAVE to have rules otherwise we’d just always end up driving the fiance’s car and I’d be stuck with metal, ALL THE TIME, and there should be a law against that sort of torture. Though technically my rule #3 and #4 are sort of unofficial, loose rules but they seem to apply anyway!

  8. Katelyn Says:

    Scott and I don’t really have rules. We both like the same music, country and Pop. And we both love Johnny Cash (though him a bit more then me) and Corb Lund! Basically we listen to anything I can sing to, because if I’m singing in the car then I’m happy. Oh and sometimes we listen to baseball, sometimes I’m ok with that and sometimes not.

  9. micaelaa Says:

    You can’t sing along to baseball that’s for sure.

  10. Lara Says:

    lol…sing along to baseball…

  11. Kate Says:

    You can if it’s the 7th inning stretch!

  12. lilsister Says:

    take me out to the baaallll gaame…

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