Five Blondes

most of the time, at least. Sisters forever.

100% Blonde September 5, 2007

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Legally Blonde

Found a good (un-offensive!!) blonde joke today.

Click Here to access it!!

On another topic altogether (sort of), don’t you just love Legally Blonde?

DIVERSION (blondes are easily distracted)

Our new blog:


5 Responses to “100% Blonde”

  1. Kate Says:

    ha.ha. funny joke, only got me a few times. After the first I said to myself ‘why didn’t Erica just make a direct link, why do I have to click?’. Well since I’m blonde I guess it’s okay that I clicked on a few.

  2. Leah Says:

    Word on the street is that Legally Blonde is becoming a musical.

    That makes me happy!

    I DO love L.B.

  3. Lauren Says:

    man. i love LB too…me that is..

  4. micaelaa Says:

    Is that Leah Blonde #4 up there?

  5. micaelaa Says:

    Erica why did you edit me? Why can’t we do last names?

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