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New iPods are here! Now my Mini is 3 generations old. September 5, 2007

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New iPods


What’s this? Don’t recognize the shapely new iPods?

That’s because they’re new, as of today! This is the new Nano (note the new colours, and the skinny shape – only 6.5mm). The iPod Classic has beefy new storage space – up to 160GB, wow! And finally the kicker – iPod Touch: basically an iPhone, minus the phone capabilities.

For fans of the smallest of the iPods, the Shuffle, it has a brand new colour palette: ipod_colours.png

I’m torn between the purple and the fuschia – which is your favorite?


One Response to “New iPods are here! Now my Mini is 3 generations old.”

  1. Lara Says:


    They are sooooooo cute I can’t even believe it! I have a 60G…i think. i dunno its only half full anyways, but its too big to wear ON me when iam running, because it weighs down my pants, and it can’t really go in an arm band. I am excited to buy one of these cuties for the gym!!

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