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Look out world here they come! September 6, 2007

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Wedding Update: The wedding invitations are in the mail! Last night I sat myself down, printed labels out, stamped (those are our stamps above, so cute right?!) and sealed them! I think the invitations look pretty good and I hope that others agree. I’m very excited to get the reply cards back!

In total we are inviting around 216 people, hoping that only 200 can come, since that is the amount of people who can fit in the hall. We have a great mixture of Scott and my friends, my relatives, Scott’s relatives and a few of our parents friends. Most of the people coming are from Ontario, but we do have family coming from Alberta and hopefully a friend from Vancouver if she can take time off of school and make it down!

On Saturday is our Stag and Doe. A Stag and Doe (aka: Jack and Jill. Buck and Doe) is a party held by the bridal party, which is, I guess, a kind of fund raiser for the bride and groom. But in reality it is an excuse for family and friends to get together before the wedding to have a great big party! Stag and Does are very common in our area, and may sound weird to the rest of the world but they are so fun! Ours will be held in the driveshed on the farm and we are having a live band play and roasting a pig. We have the driveshed all cleaned out, and cemented the last part that needed to be cemented. Scott and his dad are buying beer today and we still need to go out and get all the rest of the alcohol.

Dress Update: Yesterday my Oma and my mom spend some time attaching the lace to my dress. I was excited to see it and even more excited to try it on! Sadly it is a bit short so mom will have to add a few more lace pieces to the top of the dress to lengthen the bottom. But overall it looks great, but wow it is hot! It is a good think the wedding is in October because I don’t think I could stand to be in the dress in the heat. I would be a sweaty mess, yes that is a nice image isn’t it. No dress pictures until October but if you check out my mom’s blog she does updates about the dress once and a while.


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