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Have You Bought Any Crap Lately? September 7, 2007

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Credit: The Onion

 FENGHUA, CHINA—Chen Hsien, an employee of Fenghua Ningbo Plastic Works Ltd., a plastics factory that manufactures lightweight household items for Western markets, expressed his disbelief Monday over the “sheer amount of shit Americans will buy.”

OK, it’s The Onion, but isn’t there some truth to it?  As a society, we have soooo much stuff!  I have things I can’t bear to throw away, although I have no idea where/when I got it.  Then, when I do decide to throw it away, I feel guilty for helping fill some landfill somewhere.

 “I hear that Americans can buy anything they want, and I believe it, judging from the things I’ve made for them,” Chen said. “And I also hear that, when they no longer want an item, they simply throw it away. So wasteful and contemptible.”

Essentially…yes. Unless it can be sold on E-bay.  Which creates packaging waste and has a bigger carbon footprint than you might imagine, considering the exhaust from vehicles used to transport the item to its destination.

Maybe it’s time to simplify.


One Response to “Have You Bought Any Crap Lately?”

  1. mystarbucks Says:

    I have bought into a bunch of crap lately from one of my business partners. She’s accusing me of everything but the kitchen sink. I am now working on not buying her crap! LOL

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