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It’s the Weekend – Time to Relax! September 7, 2007

TGIFHappy Friday y’all!

We have some cool links for you today, a blog promotion tip, and – the best – ANTICIPATION! Kate and Scott’s Stag and Doe is this weekend. The planning and preparation is pretty much over. Judging from the last Stag and Doe we all went to, there will be some crazy pictures resulting. Plus, we’ll tell you how to plan a super-successful stag and doe / buck and doe / jack and jill / wedding social. Definitely the most entertaining way to celebrate and help fun your wedding!

Blog Promotion Tip

Are you on Facebook, and have a WordPress blog as well? Let your friends know about it by adding the WordPress app to your profile. We found a blogger who posted great instructions on adding the WordPress app to your profile. Thanks, Thomas!

Erica, Micaela, and Katelyn have it on their profiles, and FiveBlondes has seen a good amount of traffic come through from our friends clicking through. Thanks, friends! Now, go tell your friends who don’t know us, ok? OK!


When it comes to shopping and fun finds, there’s one website I check every day: Outblush is “The Shopping Blog for Women” – what could be better? Outblush always finds the cutest and trendiest clothes, accessories, home decor, gadgets, books, and more! They have a newsletter and RSS feed so you can get the best stuff, however you want it. What’s your favorite item this week?

E-mail Icon Generator

Our fun online find this week is a custom email image generator. This is great tool to use for your blog or website – put it in your sidebar if you want to let people know how to reach you, without falling prey to an evil SPAM-BOT trolling the web for your email address! If you have an address with a common provider such as Gmail or Hotmail (check out the list!) , you can get an image with their logo on it. This is fantastic for people with visual memories! If your email provider isn’t represented, no worries – you can get a custom button made, and even pick your own colours. I made two – one for our GMail addy, and a custom button for our fiveblondes [dot] ca address.

Why don’t you email us? We’d love to hear from you.


fiveblondes at gmail thegirls at fiveblondes


2 Responses to “It’s the Weekend – Time to Relax!”

  1. John Says:


    How did the Stag and Doe weekend go? What did you get up to?

    Best wishes,


  2. Thomas Says:

    Thanks for the mention, it is always nice to know that people not only read what you write, but find the information you are writing to be helpful.

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