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Essential info to know if you are a driver. September 12, 2007

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Have you ever gotten a flat tire? I haven’t, but I am confident that if I did, I would know how to change it. I think that this is one thing about cars that many people do not know how to do, but actually is pretty important to know.

2 weeks ago while Lauren and Mom were driving up to Guelph to meet the family for dinner, Lauren was driving on the 401 in the middle lane and the tire popped. Lauren safely got the vehicle off to the side of the road, mom was very impressed. They then called us (Erica, Scott, D and myself) and luckily we were only about 3 km behind them and could stop to help. Normally we could just call CAA, a service that we can call to help us out of our problems, such as flat tires, broken down vehicles, if you run out of gas or if you put gas in a diesel vehicle (hehe Mic) and they will tow you! The boys quickly changed the flat tire and we were off again.

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In case you don’t know, heres how to change a flat tire (PS. you should know where your jack, wrench and spare tire is in your car, if you don’t know where they are, go look now):

  1. Pull way off to the side of the road, put the car in park and apply the parking break.
  2. Remove the hub cap.
  3. Loosen the lug nuts, going around in a star position, while the car is still on the ground, do not jack the car up first otherwise you will not be able to loosen the lug nuts. Use the wrench to loosen the nuts off turning counterclockwise.
  4. Jack the car up in front of a back popped tire, or behind a front popped tire. Jack up higher then you need to get the popped tire off because the spare will need more room to get put on.
  5. Take the lug nuts off all the way. Once they are off do not lose them. Now you can pull the popped tire off the car.
  6. Put the new tire on the car (the valve, where you add air, should face out).
  7. Put the lug nuts back on the tire, working in a star pattern.
  8. Lower the jack and finish tightening the lug nuts.
  9. Put the hub cap back on the tire.

Congrats! You now know how to change a flat tire.

Credit to: E-How: How to change a Flat Tire (just to make sure I got all the facts right and didn’t leave you astray 🙂 )


8 Responses to “Essential info to know if you are a driver.”

  1. David Says:

    “In case you don’t know, heres how to change a flat tire (PS. you should know where your jack, wrench and spare tire is in your car, if you don’t know where they are, go look now)”


  2. lilsister Says:

    i actually would never have known if that didnt happen. who would have thought our jack is in the trunk to the side behind the storage area? nott me.

  3. mystarbucks Says:

    No way, I would totally call AAA. I just don’t think I could do it.

  4. shopaholicdiva24 Says:

    I have blown a tire on the 401 as well…I was alone, and I thought i was going to die! I called my daddy to come do it because i was so afraid a truck was going to hit me (like the commercial with the police officer…you know..) Then it happened again 2 days later, and i called my dad again! LOL BUT…this summer we were at my friend Heathers cottage, and our friend Jamie got a flat. Dianne and I changed it ourselves, me wearing a white dress, and i didn’t even get dirty! LOL I was very proud!

  5. Erica Says:

    You rock shopaholic!!

  6. mom Says:

    Going on record here stating “I could have changed that tire myself!”

  7. Tina Vaziri Says:

    I blew out a tire on the way to work one morning. I called my dad (who doesn’t live in the same city) and he told me to call my boyfriend to come change it. Hah, next time I’ll try it myself!

  8. Thomas Says:

    This is good information. I agree with mystarbucks that it is best to call AAA.

    The last time my wife had a flat tire, last summer, we were having a heat wave in Portland. I left my office, and went to go change her tire. The tires were put on with an air ratchet, so the lug nuts were on solid. After about 45 minutes, sweating profusely and nearly having a heart attack – not that I’m old, it was just really hot, I finally called Les Schwab to have their roadside service fix the tire. I haven’t let AAA lapse since.

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