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Stag and Doe happenings September 12, 2007

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So Scott and my stag and doe was on Saturday night, held in the family drive shed. We got ready all week, cleaning it out, stringing up lights, cementing the rest of the floor, and the boys made a stage (which looked amazing!). And after all that preparation I’d say the evening was worth it! It felt like Saturday dragged by waiting for the moment when people would start rolling into the driveway. And finally people started showing up! The band we hired, “Moovin’ Groovin’ and Verhoeven” started playing at around 9pm and everyone loved them. I had people coming up to me all night, saying that they loved the band. They played for a bunch of sets and in between we had used an Ipod to DJ the event. Not too many people danced at the beginning of the night, and I was a bit sad because I loved the band, but I think it was just because people were too busy catching up with one another. By the end of the night lots of people were dancing. My mom and sister decided that they wanted to dance on the bar (made out of straw bales and plywood), and many followed, such as Scott’s mom, sisters, bridesmaids, myself and Scott’s 12 year old cousin. Good times for sure.

Games we had were Nail Drive (the least amount of hits to get the nail in wins!), balloon darts (similar to the fair game, throw darts at the balloons and there are prizes behind), 50/50 tickets, and musical chairs! We had 2 games of musical chairs, the first game was played by the bridal party +mic and -Scott (because her refused to play. let alone be in the room when it was on), and the second game anyone else who wanted to play could.

We are thinking that a bit over 200 people showed up to party and we are so much more excited for the wedding now. Scott’s mom send me an email the next day that read ‘I’ve learned that our families party well together. This should make for a fantastic wedding party.’

Scott and I learned a few things from this party. That yes our family and friends do party together. And at the wedding we need to spend more time together. I think I saw Scott maybe five times throughout the evening, when the party got hopping. Also I need to make sure to talk to everyone at the wedding because there are so many people who were at the stag and doe that I did not get to talk to.

Ok enough talk! Here are a few of the tamer pictures from the event..


Mic and Leah posing on all the beer before the party!

Our banner made by our married friends Laura and Matt!

The boys behind the bar.

Me with friends wearing my hat, complete with a veil attached to the back.


6 Responses to “Stag and Doe happenings”

  1. lilsister Says:

    ack. i love the bar. we should have another party that i can be at…just because

  2. Leah Says:

    That party was deeeelish.

  3. Erica Says:

    Well, if you ladeez have any ideas for the next one…send ’em over!

  4. micaelaa Says:

    Scarica are you having a stag and doe?

  5. micaelaa Says:

    Also we should have another party either thanksgiving weekend (to make up for NO BX) or the weekend after for Kent & Tim’s bdays!

  6. lilsister Says:

    I am all up for the Thanksgiving weekend one. we can celebrate tim and kents birthdays early!

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