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It’s LEAH! Finallement. September 17, 2007

Hi all!

Well, my life has finally started to make sense again – for the first time since April. Well, not that it has fallen apart but just that it has been crazy and hectic.

First I will tell you a bit about myself and then I will tell you about my life during the past 4 months.

I am daughter #4. The tallest one, obviously a blonde, some could say the craziest I suppose. I am in my fourth year of university, graduating this year! (Hopefully!) I live in my university town with two other crazy girls who I also work with at a local pub where I serve and bartend. It truly is the best job I have ever had – it’s fun, my bosses are great, my coworkers are even better and so far I am winning the football pool with another girl I work with ($500 bucks each!). I enjoy -in no special order- reading (right now I am reading “Practical Magic” written by Alice Hoffman, my current 2nd favourite book after Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, for the fourth time) I like country music, dancing, trivia at our on campus bar (my team won this week, it’s a pretty big deal), hair straighteners, backpacks, shopping, partying hard, WINE! (my current favourite is Wolff Blass Cabernet Sauvignon – I highly recommend it) biking, microwave popcorn, dressing up, theatre (on Friday I was at a theatre in my university town watching a series of monologues about women and mental disorders), cuddling, Michael Buble, The Wreckers and The Dixie Chicks and so many other things – like my amazing boyfriend who won a hot tub on Thursday night. Guess what I did yesterday? Spent 6 hours hot tubbing in his backyard with him and two of his roomies.

I guess you could say I am a very “random” person, and you can probably tell that through my writing style as it jumps around a lot. I live by the minute, and one of my favourite mottos is “Fun is what you make of it.” One of my guilty pleasures is reading … about twice a day.

A question I often ask people in order to get to know then a little bit better is inquiring about their dream job – no matter what the cost/pay is, what would you like to do that would make you happy and allow you to have fun at work. I guess I, personally, have two – a doctor (I love people, and getting to know then and talking to them and helping them to get better and I think being a doctor would be so interesting) or a supermodel (I have been informed that I would have to eat only celery sticks and probably do a lot of speed, but I am kind of okay with that! Haha.)

Anyways, back to about my life. I spent the month of May in Costa Rica, doing a bit of everything. Community Development work (I lived on the side of a mountain with a family in a tiny town north of San Jose), I fell in love with surfing while I was there, I traveled around a bit, explored a rainforest in the middle of a torrential rain storm, planted a TON of trees, taught english, built a gym at a high school. My boyfriend came up for a week and we spent the time hiking, on the beach, discovering the Manual Antonio National Park (which was so amazing, I never imagined I would ever see half the things I did) snorkeling, quadding, and hiking all around the nearby towns. After returning to Canada, I spent the rest of the summer working at the pub every day and chilling in my university town. Living in the city was a bit of a change, as I have spent every other summer in the country, or way up north in Ontario working at a secluded fishing lodge. All summer I was subletting a room from my best friend’s little sister, we didn’t have internet, cable, or anything so blogging for me was hard to do. It was an amazing summer nonetheless.

This post has gotten way too long, I have homework to do and I work at 5, then it is back to the hot tub for this girl.

I hope everyone is having a good time at Bridal Shower # 3

that I am missing today!


2 Responses to “It’s LEAH! Finallement.”

  1. Kate Says:

    Welcome Leah!

  2. shopaholicdiva24 Says:

    nice to hear from you finally:)

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