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On the To-Do List: Just Keep Up September 20, 2007

I’ve been quiet lately.  For good reason: I’m both exceedingly tired and exceedingly busy!

Last week marked the beginning of my last ever school year. Well, school half-year. Or, technically, half of a half school year.  Anyway, I’m taking 3 evening classes (each worth a half-credit) so I can finally get that darn piece of paper indicating that I am a university graduate.  I survived.

Unfortunately, these evening classes coupled with work are draining my reserves.   My week starts out like this:

10-6 work; 7-10 class.

This is my Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday schedule until December.

When you think about it, December really isn’t that far away.  This means that I’ll only have the time from now until December to keep up with an increasing workload, reading for 3 classes, assignments for said classes, and study for various tests and exams.  Not to mention the other things going on, such as my dwindling social life, and the fact that the new seasons of Grey’s Anatomy and The Office start next week.  Thankfully, on Thursdays.


One Response to “On the To-Do List: Just Keep Up”

  1. Lara Says:

    ah the office, so wonderful! Just think, all the work, and then a great reward every week…mmmm Mcdreamy!

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