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Downhill…? September 26, 2007

Filed under: answer,blonde,facebook,lauren,midterms,psychology — Lauren B @ 10:36 pm

Ladies. We’ve gone significantly downhill in our views. EIGHT today. eight! So I’ve decided to come out of my hiding place and write a blog… I have my first midterm tomorrow in Psychology! I’ve been studying nonstop for hourrrs today, so I need a break! In other news, I’ve added the WordPress Application on Facebook, so maybe we’ll get some viewers from “” in our stats! 🙂 hmm what to tag this as…I put answers because maybe someone will give me the answers to my psychology midterm….
I’m coming home next weekend! Is anyone more excited than I am? Didn’t think so!
Kate, if you are in need of really nice looking furniture for your house I am more than willing to provide you with a nice shelf, a very useful desk, a beautiful nightstand(which I actually hit my head on once in a while) and a squeeky bed! Great fun!
Looove Lauren


One Response to “Downhill…?”

  1. Erica Says:

    The thing with the views is that it can be extremely misleading. “Today” for WordPress begins around 6pm. So, when you were writing that post you were seeing that we had 8 pageviews in the past 4 hours (or so). Which still isn’t great, but it’s up to 30 this morning.

    I’m very excited to see you next weekend! The fair wasn’t the same without you. Also, good job adding the WP app! If you want to boost traffic even more, you should go comment on someone elses blog with a link back to ours.

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