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Furniture Shopping September 26, 2007

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I believe, in the near future, that furniture shopping will be the death of me (and my money).

Scott and I went furniture shopping last night to browse and get an idea of what’s out there and how much it will cost. We went to 5 stores (!!) in 1.5 hours. We call it speed furniture shopping, see how much you can see in a small amount of time. We hit up Bad Boy, Leons, The Brick, Sears Home Store and Teppermans.

We learned that we don’t like any couches out there and that couches are actually pretty expensive. For couches we found the best deals at Teppermans, and found some pretty reasonable prices in the clearance section. Sadly this was our last store and we did not have enough time to look at everything and they even started turning lights off while we were there.

We learned that we both like dark coloured wood for furniture. For example see this kitchen table that we liked, which is on sale for $498 for the table (including a leaf you can add in, ) and I think 4 chairs.

For bedroom furniture we also found a few that we could tolerate, which were dark wood. We also don’t like bulky sets, which is good because it is not practical for us, as we are renting a house for the first bit of married life, and we will expect to move a few times until we settle down. The set below costs $1299 for 6 pieces (headboard, footboard, rails, nightstand, mirror and dresser). The price is in the lower price range, basically the only one we could afford if we bought a full set.

Don’t even get me started on mattresses. We got nowhere with those. I seriously have no idea how to decide what to get, because I know I will have no idea if I will like it or not, unless I am sleeping on it.

Lucky for us the house we are renting has a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer. If we had to buy those we would be so poor. Oh wait, we already are..


7 Responses to “Furniture Shopping”

  1. Lara Says:

    I love the dark wood Kate! Very nice!
    Mattress purchasing, as scary and overwhelming as it is, when you get a good one, its GREAT!
    I got a new mattress a year ago, and you can come sleep on it if you want to try it out. We bought it at a special mattress clear out at the Brick, so it was 50% off!

  2. Tina Vaziri Says:

    I love dark wood, and I love furniture that sits on legs and not flat on the floor. Always creates a larger feel to the room. I have recently fallen in love with the furniture they have at, too bad they don’t have a store in my city.

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks for the offer Lara, thats silly. Maybe I’ll lay down on your bed when I’m at your house on Sunday! Wahoo another shower!

    Tina, Wow I took a look at a few of the pieces of furniture at and it’s really nice! More furniture for me to be jealous of because I can’t afford it.

  4. ugleah Says:

    Did you get the co-opy type apartment you and Scott had looked at in St. Marys??

  5. Kate Says:

    No it was too little, we are renting a house from the Heemans.

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  7. Laura Says:

    Katelyn, I know what you mean about furniture shopping. Jay and I found a decen couch at Leons, a sectional with a sofa bed, but we’re having a hard time finding bedroom stuff. And it’s so expensive. We’ve come to the conclusion that we can either have a mattress to sleep on, or a frame to put it on, not both.

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