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Lend a Hand! September 30, 2007


Micaela here… A few weeks ago I decided I needed more recent experience with kids if I want to apply for teachers college in a few months. So I told my mom I wanted to be a brownie leader. She happily informed me that there is a sign in our small town variety store saying that Thorndale DESPERATELY needed brownie leaders. I recruited my always helpful sister Katelyn, and a few hours later, not only were we brownie leaders… we were the ONLY brownie leaders and needed to plan an entire year of brownies all by ourselves. It is completely overwhelming and there is so much to know. We went to a “Safe Guide” meeting last week and got even more overwhelmed. At that meeting we also realized that we missed a crucial step along the way in which we need an interview, police check, reference check… I guess those things are pretty important when trusting your kids to (not so much because in Thorndale everyone knows everyone) strangers. So we have to have an old leader at our meeting tomorrow until we cover all that stuff on Wednesday. We aren’t really sure what we are doing but we are slowly learning and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll be experts. As of right now we have a huge box full of important information and definitely have not digested it all yet!

 Our first meeting is tomorrow and we have it all planned out. It’s only an hour long so it should go according to plan! Cross your fingers… also cross your fingers that we don’t have to use any epi pens.

In other news… Katelyn just told me she has a drooling problem… stay tuned for some HOT wedding photos!

 I think at the end of our blog we should choose the next person who is going update within the next couple days… I pick LEAH ANNE!!! Still anyone else can update before that though!


5 Responses to “Lend a Hand!”

  1. Leah Says:

    Go to your local Women In Crisis Clinic / Womens Abuse clinic and get their public educator to do a talk with them about self-esteem, bullying and etc.

    I will be doing that this year with the public educator from Women in Crisis

  2. lilsister Says:

    do you wear the outfits too? haha please take pictures

  3. Kate Says:

    I only had a drooling problem at that moment because I was trying out a teeth whitening thinger to make my teeth whiter so that I will have prettier wedding pictures. But wow doing that teeth whitening thing for 30 min made me drool buckets!

  4. ugleah Says:

    “I promise to share and be a friend”

  5. Kate Says:

    Leah that’s for Sparks!

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