Five Blondes

most of the time, at least. Sisters forever.

Happy Thanksgiving! October 8, 2007

Filed under: Family,food,life — Kate @ 3:55 pm


This weekend we celebrate thanksgiving in Canada.  We get to eat lots of turkey, stuffing and lots of other yummy food.  This year my thanksgiving was different then most years because I only got 1 thanksgiving dinner!  Normally I have 4 and am so stuffed I can’t move. 

My one thanksgiving dinner was on Friday and with the weather being so hot lately, we ate it siting outside in tank tops.  Very unusual for this time of year. 

And since I had no Thanskgiving dinners to eat today and I have the day off I’m spending it doing chores outside.  I drove to Scott and my barn, pulled out a dead pig (sssoo gross and all blue already!), mowed both lawns and clipped a few bushes.   Now I need to find other things to do to keep me busy because everyone else is out and about visiting and such.


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