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Tunnels… October 9, 2007

Filed under: lauren,university — Lauren B @ 11:03 pm

Okay, so at Carleton there is a tunnel system that has apparently won awards in magazines. I’ve been in these tunnels and frankly I hate them. They smell, are humid, and are really busy on rainy days when my friends force me to walk with them because they don’t want to face the “horrible, cold wind and rain”. I like rain, usually my classes are hot anyways, so it’s nice to get outside and feel cool before going into those crowded hot theatres. There are also these annoying little cars that drive around in the tunnels with workers on them. Think Austin Powers when he gets stuck trying to turn around and has to reverse and go forward and can’t do it. Anyways, I found a piece on the tunnel system on Wikipedia, so here it is:
*The entire University is connected by an elaborate five kilometre network of heated(thats the bad part) underground tunnels adorned with murals created by student groups. Students are encouraged, within reason, to create their own works of art.(usually they’re vandalized anways) Each floor of the nine residence halls paint a tunnel mural near the end of each school year. It is not uncommon to see students wearing pajamas in class, having come directly from bed in residence. Sky-lit or windowed student lounges and snack-shops can be found at various points along the tunnel system.(I think this is a lie. Haven’t seen it yet) Students often hold competitions to determine who can remain “submerged” in tunnel-life (that is, moving about using only the tunnel system), especially during the frigid winter months.*
Okay, so…
1)Its not a good thing to stay out of the sun for too long. Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets(softening of the bones in children potentially leading to fractures and deformity), and even Seasonal Affective Disorder(a sort of depression that happens between September and April when the days become shorter and there are less hours of daylight in a day).
and 2) It’s not nice to see people in class with their pajamas. It’s just ugly.

So I guess the point of this was to encourage myself to get some good winter boots, and an umbrella!…and find my black Old Navy jacket at home. Has anyone seen it?


3 Responses to “Tunnels…”

  1. Kate Says:

    I think the tunnels would remind me of Subway tunnels that are stinky because homeless people and dumb kids pee in them. I don’t think I would take the tunnels too much, but it sure will be handy in the cold cold winter.

  2. micaelaa Says:

    The tunnel idea seems kind of depressing but Ottawa does get C-O-L-D.

    I got my new winter boots for the year today and loooove them. Boots make winter a million times better.

  3. Erica Says:

    There’s a tunnel system at Western too, but it’s not as extensive. It’s going to become a lot less useful when they finish building our new student centre.

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