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Wedding flowers not quite right? SUE. October 17, 2007

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Only in New York could this happen.

A Manhattan bride was so upset about the colour and condition of her centerpieces (wilted?), she is suing the florist for breach of contract. The bride is also a lawyer and filed the suit herself, which explains a lot.

Let’s turn this into a Mastercard ad, shall we?

Flowers for your wedding day, paid for by your mother: $27,435.14

Restitution and damages sought from florist because they ‘weren’t right’: $400,000.00

You, indirectly labeled as a ‘Bridezilla’, on the homepage of Priceless.

There are some things that money can’t buy. For everything else, there’s a lawsuit.


One Response to “Wedding flowers not quite right? SUE.”

  1. Kate Says:

    This was in the London Free Press today as well, crazy no? I can see that having pastel flowers and not rust colours is different, but I can not see suing the florist over it. This girl is for sure a Bridezilla. I have not become one yet, and I hope that in the next week I do not become one.

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