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Bachelorette Fun. October 20, 2007

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Thursday night was my bachelorette party. First we went to the maid of honors house and had a little pre-party there- drinks, games and food! They decided to make it a “stock Kate’s bar” shower, so I got some alcohol there and shot glasses! Ashley (my future sister-in-law) made very cute shirts. The back of the bridesmaid shirts read “Shes our little whiskey girl and shes getting hitched!” Plus a picture of (drunk) Scott and me.

Later in the night we headed to the Ranch, a country bar in Guelph. I was at the Ranch many nights during my 4 year undergrad so it was great to be back, even though it was not as packed as it normally is. At the ranch we drank, danced, took lots of pictures and made friends with the band! All night they would call my name out and say random comments about us. The owner gave everyone with the bachelorette party shots of tequila rose, which I love. We’ll just say the next morning was a bit rough..

Here are some pictures of the madness that occured that night.

Putting on my pink garter for the night.

No evening at the Ranch is complete with out a (blurry) mirror picture.

Me, the bride to be! For some reason I like this picture even though you can see basically nothing on my face.

My bride to be glow button and pink garter with roses!


4 of the fiveblondes.

No night at the ranch is complete without 2-stepping!


2 Responses to “Bachelorette Fun.”

  1. Laura Says:

    Ahhhhh that’s so awesome! I went to the Ranch one night when I was at school at Guelph. I really love country music but most of my friends hated it so they wouldn’t go there very often, hehe. This brought back great memories and looks like you had a fabulous time!

  2. Says:

    The picture of you four blondes is crazyness!! I have not seen the four of you look THAT alike in a picture before!!!

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