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We are married! October 29, 2007

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Saturday was a wonderful day! The rain/winds did not put a damper on our spirits and everyone had a great time! The dance floor was PACKED all night, it was perfect.

Here are some teaser pictures (stolen from my mom’s blog), taken by Lauren.

Me, the bride! on the front porch.

Just prounced husband and wife!

And this picture is from Scott’s cousin, I really like it!

Now we have a week of relaxation, and then we are off to Costa Rica for 10 days!


2 Responses to “We are married!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Congratulations!! You look gorgeous. Have a fabulous time in Costa Rica and let us know all about the trip – it is actually my first choice location for my own honeymoon next year so I can’t wait to hear your review!

  2. lilsister Says:

    that last one was so not me. i had front row seats for this action

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