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Which Brain are you? November 2, 2007

Filed under: answer,games,weird — Kate @ 2:11 pm

This spinning lady was posted on Weddingbee today and I just had to post it here!  I’ve never seen this before but I think it’s really cool. 


If you see the umm naked lady spinning clockwise then you are right-brained

If you see the lady spinning counter-clockwise then you are left-brained.

I see her spin counter-clockwise.  I can’t wait to see Scott and see what way he sees her spin.  Apparently some people can get her to switch.  Sometimes if I only look at her legs they go clockwise for one rotation but then it’s back to counter-clockwise.  Man I think I could stare at this for the rest of my day.

For more explanations see here:  Left Brained vs. Right Brained

EDIT: I just saw her WHOLE BODY go clockwise for 3 roatations, then it was back to counter-clockwise.. I guess that means I am MOSTLY left-brained and a bit right-brained, but not when I want to be.


9 Responses to “Which Brain are you?”

  1. lauren Says:

    Aaaah this is driving me nuts! At first I just saw clockwise, then counterclockwise, now back to clockwise. Are you sure it’s not switching around??

  2. Kate Says:

    Very sure.

  3. Lara Says:

    It has to switching around!!! That is so crazy! I could sit here all night and have this spinning lady piss me off! First it was counterclockwise for like 2 rotations, then clockwise for 10 or so, then back to counter for 10 or so….

    going to check again

    Ok so now she went counter clockwise 30x…then she started going clockwise. Remind me to NOT ever do this if I have been drinking. It would be even more nuts! Good game Kate!

  4. lilsister Says:

    me and mom just spent a while looking at this. it hurt my head. I looked at it once and it was spinning one way, another time and it was going the other way, then it started switching around.

  5. micaelaa Says:

    I can only see clockwise. I am verrrry right brained, which is probably true, and bad news for the fact that I work in a bank.
    Speaking of which, no more not work safe pictures! I can see her nipples!!

  6. lilsister Says:

    you can’t see her nipple, you can see the shadow of her nipple

  7. Connie Says:

    But since she is a lady made of shadow, it is her nipple.


  8. ugleah Says:

    I am also verrry right brained, once I saw her switch around but now I see her go only clockwise.

  9. sisterdear1 Says:

    Hi Kate~I love this.. can’t wait to show it to my sisters. BTW, I am totally left-brained.

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