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Inspiration for our First Dance at our Wedding? November 27, 2007

Filed under: humour,life,love,Wedding — Erica @ 4:01 pm

D would never agree to this…but it’s funny nonetheless! Turn up your speakers – and Enjoy!

Best Wedding Dance Ever

SADLY I cannot get the video to embed because I am video-embedding-deficient. *sigh*

Click on it – you’ll like it, I promise!  Then leave a comment about how much you enjoyed it!


3 Responses to “Inspiration for our First Dance at our Wedding?”

  1. lilsister Says:

    ahahaha WOO! Aley and I both agreed that we want to do that at our weddings. Remember that for ME!

  2. shopaholicdiva24 Says:

    That video is on ELLEN today!!! LOL too funny!

  3. lilsister Says:

    The couple was on Ellen today too, and they dressed in their wedding clothes and did the dance!

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