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Dreams December 10, 2007

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Sometimes dreams feel so real when you wake up you are surprised, and sometimes this surprise is relief because you are no longer in the dream. I am the kind of person who experiences many of these dreams, and I had one last night.

Some of you may not know this but Micaela and I are brownie leaders. A week or 2 ago I was talking to a blog stalker (HI Little Leah!) and telling her a humorous tale of a pot-luck that Micaela and I went to with other guider leaders in our area. The stalker was very surprised that I was a brownie leader because apparently we don’t mention it much in out blogs. So there you go, Micaela and I are brownie leaders.


Anyways back to the dream. Mic and I have a craft night planned for tonight, we looked all over to find styrofoam cones (at a reasonable price, they are so expensive at Michaels!) and finally found some and have just enough for 9 brownies. Now in my dream I dreamed that we were at brownies and all of these stranger children came too. We had about 8 new brownies and 5 of them were boys (boys are not allowed to be brownies)! And these boys were not age 7 and 8 like normal brownies, they were about 13 and 16 and claimed to be 7. In my dream all the parents decided to stay and watch us with the brownies and were so loud. The brownies meeting was a nightmare because we did not have enough supplies and the kids were crazy. In my dream they were running all aound the basement of the church where we have meetings and it was horrible. Then my alarm clock went off, with the radio turned way too loud and I was startled out of the dream. And very happy to be out of it, but a bit stressed out.

I think I had the dream because our craft supplies were so hard to find, because the meeting was post phoned from last week because the weather was so bad last week, and because Mic and I are slacker brownies leaders and we never have it quite planned out, although it always turns out well.

So that’s my dream about brownies and confession that Mic and I are slacker brownie leaders.

Leah always has really good dreams, and eating a meal with her is never complete without learning about Leah’s weird dreams. Like the one where Mic is pregnant and Leah and Mic climb into Micaela’s womb and bash it inside out, but thats another story for another time…


2 Responses to “Dreams”

  1. Leah Says:

    I have seriously thought about recording my dreams and publishing them as a series of short stories.

    I would most likely be put away in an institution for a long, long time.

  2. Erica Says:

    Mic climbed into HER OWN womb? Wow, that’s talent!

    I had a dream that I actually remembered last night, it was like the beginning of a story and I’m going to have to write it down and write an ending for it because it was intriguing.

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