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LOLWeddings December 13, 2007

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Since Erica likes icanhascheezburger I thought it would be funny to share these two website I discovered today.


This first one is from LOLVogue.  I love it, 🙂

And now they came up with LOLWedding.


What will they come up with next.


5 Responses to “LOLWeddings”

  1. Erica Says:

    augh! These rock!
    LOL is ALMOST overdone though…almost…

  2. Kate Says:

    I never really go to these websites so it’s not overdone for me, just nice for a laugh once in a while.

  3. micaelaa Says:

    Okay… I do NOT get these?!?!?! Why are they supposed to be funny???

  4. lilsister Says:

    Haha I love these. I was just looking around the cat website, and I somehow found myself watching videos of cats. It made my studying SO much better

  5. janet Says:

    okay this is freaking hilarious! why didn’t I think of this first?!?

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