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Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. December 18, 2007

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I seriously suck at this whole blogging thing!! BUT!! I am going to try. Every time I write one I stop halfway through and delete it so this is your promise that that won’t happen this time. Even if this is the most boring thing you have ever read I promise that I will keep on truckin.

So today is Tuesday otherwise known as my day off! Also my payday so it means I always do a lot of napping and shopping. This morning I went shopping with my two friends named Michelle. We finished up a bit of Christmas shopping then went out for lunch, then to Chapters for awhile. After that I took a nice long nap. Leah and I stayed up way too last last night playing guitar so it was needed. I taught her her first 3 chords! And a song! Later I will go to Kent’s house and cuddle with him and try to set up my ipod. The instruction booklet seems to say (in picture form with no words) that I just hook it up to my computer, open up itunes and it will magically work… that did not happen. Nothing happened. So I need to figure it out.

 This morning I got the weirdest call from some solicitor, who seem to call here at least 3 times a day. They said they are marketing magazines to Thorndale, Ontario (haha if they had ever been to Thorndale they would know that right away that sounds way fishy) and for free they would like to send us a subscription to Style at Home Decorating, Canadian Living, and Lulu, this new shopping magazine that I think Erica reads sometimes. That sounded great to me, and all they needed to know were some of my hobbies. After I told them some hobbies they told me that in order to get the magazines we would have to subscribe to Macleans for only $2 a week. What a stupid catch. We already get Macleans from Oma, AND Michelle P bought her dad a subscription to Macleans for a year for Christmas and it only cost $48! So basically they are charging us double for something we don’t even want in the first place. UGH… I was looking forward to that Style At Home Decorating magazine coming here every month along with the House & Home we already get that I love. So that is the story about how I almost got us three magazine subscriptions for free but then found out that I am just naive and should not have trusted them in the first place.

I am looking forward to Christmas but it will be my first Christmas Day away from home. I’m going to Kent’s family’s house because he never gets to see them ever, and I haven’t even met most of his extended family. His nana is coming up from Cape Breton so I think it’s important that I meet her. I’m really hoping the weather cooperates because the last 2 times we’ve tried to go to Toronto, there has been huge snowstorms. Kent will be sooo sad if he misses Christmas with his fam. I’m really excited for it, especially to meet his 3 aunts that he says will be obsessed with me. I’m not really sure why… but… it will be interesting anyways!


11 Responses to “Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away.”

  1. Erica Says:

    3 obsessed aunts? Sounds familiar!

  2. Micaela Says:

    haha… yes yes it does.

  3. lilsister Says:

    hahahha mic you always manage to put song titles in your title, which gives us SO many hits from people searching for the song. speaking of this song, Stef and I were singing it on the way home and I wanted to download it, then I got home and forgot about it, but now I am reminded!

  4. ALLISON Peters Says:

    It’s also my first Christmas away from home 😦 But I’m reaaaally excited about having our little christmas morning with just me and matt! I hope your christmas goes amazing and you LOVE it!!

  5. fowgre Says:

    > some solicitor, who seem to call here
    > at least 3 times a day

    Get a phone # like mine… switch 2 of the numbers and you’re a cab company… I’m never lonely on the weekend! 😉

    > Every time I write one
    > I stop halfway through and delete it

    Michaelangelo didn’t paint the Sistine Chapel in one day. If your masterpiece isn’t coming along the way you’d like it to, and you don’t think it’s worthy of publication yet…
    SAVE IT!

    I’ve got dozens of unpublished posts on the go at any given time. I revisit them occasionally and sometimes inspiration strikes… sometimes it doesn’t. Lots of them eventually get posted; some end up being deleted.

    The great thing is… there’s no pressure. WordPress is a wonderful resource that we don’t have to pay for.

    Last thought… you must be a really tough editor, because all of the posts that I’ve read so far are pretty decent.

  6. Micaela Says:

    Woah… Allison I just realized that my Christmas morning will be with Kent’s family at his parent’s house. Crazy!

    Fowgre – I don’t think we can switch our phone number. We have had it for 25 years! That would definitely be a big hassle for a lot of people!!

  7. Lindsay Says:

    Was the company that called you …PRC books of London..I worked for them for a week…and I had to give the same speech pretty much..except for you didn’t get free were entered into a draw (soo fake) and then a week later were called so they could give you your draw number and then preceded to tell you that you needed to buy the magazines to be entered…but it was the same magazine they tried to sell you…ahahaha . Next time just ask to be taken off the calling list..and they have to take you off.

  8. Micaela Says:

    They didn’t say who they were but I bet that was them! grrrr.

  9. Erica Says:

    So yesterday I was infinitely confused as to who “Lindsay” was but this morning it just clicked! Hi Lindsay! See you Christmas eve!

  10. Micaela Says:

    I knew because I remembered that she worked for a telemarketing company for a bit. Lindsay I don’t blame you for quitting! I could NEVER EVER do that!! Or would I want to be a person who could do that!

  11. Says:

    LOL. Too funny! HI LINDSAY! Another avid reader!
    Mic great post. It is ridiculous what joy I get from reading about my cousins daily lives, but its the truth, I love it. Even though I am moved out now I will be sleeping at home Christmas Eve, I don’t think I can bring myself to wake up somewhere else yet. Good luck mickers! I am sure his family will LOVE you almost as much as we all do!

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