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Frustrating December 21, 2007

Filed under: sisters — Kate @ 4:03 pm

Time out for a rant:

Know what is frustrating?

When you have a job that is rarely busy, and realtors never ask for help. You just sit at your desk all day, in your office all alone, making work for yourself. Then a realtor calls and asks if you will be working on the day before Christmas and you say you are not sure yet (gosh darn it, it’s the day before Christmas, do people really need to buy a farm on the day before Christmas?) and they say “okay, well I’ll be working” and you ask, will you need me to do anything? and he says “I don’t know if I will need your help,” but seems frustrated that you are not working, because what if he needs me to do some minuscule task?! What the heck is up with that? Would it make him feel better just to know that I was sitting in the office, miserable to be working on Christmas eve and bored out of my mind?

End rant out loud, continue rant in my head.


7 Responses to “Frustrating”

  1. Laura Says:

    Ahhhhhh. LOVE office life. So much fun, isn’t it? I totally feel your pain.

  2. Kate Says:

    It’s so annoying. I was not made for office work, I belong outside.

  3. Erica Says:

    Kate, from a writing perspective, I loved that. I could feel your frustration growing and my body tensed as I read toward the end.

    From a work perspective, there’s always Scrabulous. I’m up for a game.

  4. Micaela Says:

    Maybe he expected you to work because (get ready for it)………………. people DO work the day before Christmas! it’s not Christmas YET!

  5. Says:

    jeez. mic = workaholic.
    Christmas Eve day SHOULD be a holiday. Just like boxing day when only MALLS are open so you can shop.

    don’t go to work kate, and don’t feel guilty! Sleep late, do some baking (since apparently now we need to contribute to the family meal) and relax.

  6. Johnny! Says:


  7. Big pappo Says:

    Thanks for sharing

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