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Starting 2008 with an ouch. January 2, 2008

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What a horrible horrible year so far.

Yesterday Scott and I made the rounds to family house’s because we are Dutch and celebrate our heritage by getting together and eating deep fried goodness and lots of soup. However on our first stop I slammed the door on my thumb which proceeded to turn black and blue and is still bleeding today. Ouch

ouch_hurt_thumb.jpg (not my finger)

And now today… the 2nd day of 2008 and I go to work to find that my office was broken into and my computer is stolen with all my files and everything that I need for work. I cried lots today. Could 2008 get any worse? Lets hope not.


4 Responses to “Starting 2008 with an ouch.”

  1. Laura Says:

    Aww you poor thing 😦 Sending positive vibes your way, and I hope the thieves get what’s coming to ’em.

  2. Micaela Says:

    What happened to you sucked but your tags made me laugh… I hope I never need to use the tag “horrible”… or “slam door on thumb!”

    Maybe I can make your year a bit brighter tomorrow night when I come snowboarding with you! On my newly sharpened board, ooh la la.

  3. lilsister Says:

    ouchies. what happened so far with the computer so far? WOW you must be bored at work! you should bring moms laptop…or mine.

    snowboarding tomorrow? why wasn’t I invited?

  4. ugleah Says:

    Haha your tags make me laugh too.

    Hope the rest of the day went better and that my phone call brightened it at least a little bit.

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