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Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. December 18, 2007

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I seriously suck at this whole blogging thing!! BUT!! I am going to try. Every time I write one I stop halfway through and delete it so this is your promise that that won’t happen this time. Even if this is the most boring thing you have ever read I promise that I will keep on truckin.

So today is Tuesday otherwise known as my day off! Also my payday so it means I always do a lot of napping and shopping. This morning I went shopping with my two friends named Michelle. We finished up a bit of Christmas shopping then went out for lunch, then to Chapters for awhile. After that I took a nice long nap. Leah and I stayed up way too last last night playing guitar so it was needed. I taught her her first 3 chords! And a song! Later I will go to Kent’s house and cuddle with him and try to set up my ipod. The instruction booklet seems to say (in picture form with no words) that I just hook it up to my computer, open up itunes and it will magically work… that did not happen. Nothing happened. So I need to figure it out.

 This morning I got the weirdest call from some solicitor, who seem to call here at least 3 times a day. They said they are marketing magazines to Thorndale, Ontario (haha if they had ever been to Thorndale they would know that right away that sounds way fishy) and for free they would like to send us a subscription to Style at Home Decorating, Canadian Living, and Lulu, this new shopping magazine that I think Erica reads sometimes. That sounded great to me, and all they needed to know were some of my hobbies. After I told them some hobbies they told me that in order to get the magazines we would have to subscribe to Macleans for only $2 a week. What a stupid catch. We already get Macleans from Oma, AND Michelle P bought her dad a subscription to Macleans for a year for Christmas and it only cost $48! So basically they are charging us double for something we don’t even want in the first place. UGH… I was looking forward to that Style At Home Decorating magazine coming here every month along with the House & Home we already get that I love. So that is the story about how I almost got us three magazine subscriptions for free but then found out that I am just naive and should not have trusted them in the first place.

I am looking forward to Christmas but it will be my first Christmas Day away from home. I’m going to Kent’s family’s house because he never gets to see them ever, and I haven’t even met most of his extended family. His nana is coming up from Cape Breton so I think it’s important that I meet her. I’m really hoping the weather cooperates because the last 2 times we’ve tried to go to Toronto, there has been huge snowstorms. Kent will be sooo sad if he misses Christmas with his fam. I’m really excited for it, especially to meet his 3 aunts that he says will be obsessed with me. I’m not really sure why… but… it will be interesting anyways!


Lend a Hand! September 30, 2007


Micaela here… A few weeks ago I decided I needed more recent experience with kids if I want to apply for teachers college in a few months. So I told my mom I wanted to be a brownie leader. She happily informed me that there is a sign in our small town variety store saying that Thorndale DESPERATELY needed brownie leaders. I recruited my always helpful sister Katelyn, and a few hours later, not only were we brownie leaders… we were the ONLY brownie leaders and needed to plan an entire year of brownies all by ourselves. It is completely overwhelming and there is so much to know. We went to a “Safe Guide” meeting last week and got even more overwhelmed. At that meeting we also realized that we missed a crucial step along the way in which we need an interview, police check, reference check… I guess those things are pretty important when trusting your kids to (not so much because in Thorndale everyone knows everyone) strangers. So we have to have an old leader at our meeting tomorrow until we cover all that stuff on Wednesday. We aren’t really sure what we are doing but we are slowly learning and hopefully in a few weeks we’ll be experts. As of right now we have a huge box full of important information and definitely have not digested it all yet!

 Our first meeting is tomorrow and we have it all planned out. It’s only an hour long so it should go according to plan! Cross your fingers… also cross your fingers that we don’t have to use any epi pens.

In other news… Katelyn just told me she has a drooling problem… stay tuned for some HOT wedding photos!

 I think at the end of our blog we should choose the next person who is going update within the next couple days… I pick LEAH ANNE!!! Still anyone else can update before that though!


It’s always annoying when people want to tell you about their dreams… September 20, 2007

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Waking up for work pretty much sucks all of the time, but this morning I had a silly dream (it was about the baby show that my aunt runs at the Thorndale fair, and that my sisters and I help out with). I dreamt that instead of just sitting there looking cute, the babies had to dance in order to win. Anyways, the dream was kind of stupid but the funny part was that I was laughing so hard while I was sleeping that it woke me up! So instead of waking up tired or grumpy, I woke up laughing. 🙂 Kent thought I was nuts and was like “why are you laughing at me?!?!”

So if you want to have a good day, I definitely recommend waking up laughing. I was in a good mood all day, maybe because of it, maybe not.

Anyways, it’s time to go get ready for the biggest weekend in our town’s history – the 150th Annual Fall Fair! I am baking pies to enter, and I need to go buy apples from the orchard down the road.


You’re every song, and I sing along cuz you’re my everything September 3, 2007

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Today I spent a really awesome day with Kent: we woke up around 9, watched some Rachel Ray, headed out to Guelph, visited Leah at the Fat Duck, visited other Leah at their house for 2.5 seconds while I stole a bathing suit, thennn went tubing at the Elora Gorge! Parts of it were very scary, others were really relaxing and we just laid out with our legs on each others tubes and chatted and suntanned. Next we went to the Elora Quarry which was AMAZING! Such a cool place, I would definitely recommend both. After a trip to Swiss Chalet we went to the racetrack and gambled on horses. I am financially cautious when it comes to gambling, and most other things besides clothes, so I only bet $2 on a few horses but I DID win $4.30 on one! Kent made a large bet of $12 on one race and won a whopping $12.15!

The day was quite excellent until the way home… well the first bit of it was fine, with Kent seranading me with Michael Buble’s “Everything” for a good 15 minutes (sounds muuuch more romantic and less annoying than it really was trust me!!). He also enjoyed belting it out to various songs and changing words around (you becomes poo, me becomes pee, day becomes gay… you get the idea). Finally we got to that point where we were tired and just wanted to listen to music, except we have very different but both very strong musical tastes. It usually leads to arguing, but today we agreed that we needed to set some rules. Kent (the driver today) decided the rule should be that the driver chooses but I obviously disagreed. Finally the rules we agreed upon were:

 1. During the day, the driver chooses because the passenger can do other things like look at scenery or read or dance.

2. After nightfall, the driver and the passenger both get an equal amount of time listening to music of their choice (today the time allotted was half an hour but I suppose would be shortened for shorter drives!)

3. If their time is up and it’s in the middle of a song, the chooser can finish listening to a song, but they can’t change the station right before their time is up if its the end of a song, just so they can get one more song in.

4. If they hear a song that they know is one of the other person’s favourite, the nice thing to do is leave it on if they want. “That’s a big IF” Kent said when I suggested that one, although he did leave on a scratchy version of Delilah for me… but maybe that was after I told him that he definitely doesn’t love me after he skipped through it the first time. 🙂

 There are probably more, but those are the main ones. After setting all of those rules we had no more arguments about music choices! It worked very well, for now anyways. Let me know if you have any you think I should add or how you deal with differing musical tastes during long car rides. 


It’s Blog Day! Celebrate with the FiveBlondes August 31, 2007

Blog Day 2007

Today, August 31st, is the third-annual Blog Day in the blogosphere. To join the celebration, bloggers are asked to post recommendations of 5 blogs with links and short descriptions. Five blogs…five blondes…is this day made for us or what?

Erica’s Nomination:

Personal finance for the rest of us! I love the advice that you can find on personal finance blogs; here’s one of the go-to resources for everything related to money, investing, debt, and saving. Yesterday’s posts included an article on wedding etiquette – addressing issues such as being invited to weddings far away, and making it as economical as possible for out-of-towners to attend your own wedding. Great advice for us!

Micaela’s Nomination:

Though she hasn’t posted much over the summer, PaigeSix has spent the last 3 years chronicling her life and experiences in university – and now in the working world. She never holds back and is a fantastic writer. She went to the same university that I did, and Mic used to ask me jokingly if I saw Paige Six today…

Katelyn’s Nomination:

Katelyn first told me about this blog because she found it inspiring – something to model ours after. I find it very interesting – whether Heather is writing about or taking pictures of her dog (who can balance the most impressive items on his nose), her daughter (adorable!), or her extended family (Mormons), she never fails to interest or amuse!

Leah’s Nomination:

Since Leah is moving today and is too busy to participate, I’ve picked an old favorite of ours. Scott Loudoun, aka. Scottage Cheese, is a crazy guy in Victoria, BC who is also a talented photographer. He used to have this obsessive online fan base (check out some of his posts from 2005/2006 when he was getting comments numbering in the hundreds – 747 on one in particular) but he hasn’t updated his blog since May. His photography alone is worth the visit – there is literally days worth of reading and admiring to be done! I highly recommend reading this hilarious account of mistaken arrest in particular.

Lauren’s Nomination:

This is a joint nomination from Micaela, Katelyn, and Lauren – cute pics of Kjersti’s family, among other subjects!


When are YOU getting engaged? August 22, 2007

I haven’t written for a while but I have a good reason! The password that wordpress gave me was in a notebook in my bedroom, which is upstairs… and all the computers are downstairs. Not that I’m lazy but it always seemed like something that could wait. Until now I guess!!

As you can see there are now two engaged blondes! And now I get to spend the next who knows how long fielding the question “When are YOU getting engaged?” Since I am going back to school and Kent wants to go back too, I don’t feel the need to get engaged ANY TIME soon. I am just enjoying him being home, and living near me for once! I’ll see how married life goes for my sisters then decide if I want that life!

I’m getting the “ten minute” warning from Kate that we have to leave for baseball. I don’t really have anything else in my mind to blog about anyways, so I’m gonna go get ready to go.


Micaela!! July 27, 2007

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I thought it was about time I got in on this. My name is Micaela and I am the second oldest. I’m 23 years old and I recently finished university. I am starting a job working at a bank this week, and I also serve at a golf course. I’m living at home right now because I tried out living in Vancouver with my boyfriend for the first 5 months of this year and found out that I don’t like living so far away from almost everything that is important to me. So now I’m in this weird transition stage of trying to figure my life out. I guess a lot of people must go through this after 4 years of living the cushy, partying university life. I know a lot of my friends are, and it is a weird stage of life… I can’t really say that it’s my favourite so far. My sisters have seemed to avoid it – Katelyn by getting engaged and jumping right into the next stage of her life, and Erica by not finishing university! haha, just kidding. In any case, I’ve spend the last 2 months looking for a job and it has NOT been fun. So I’m happy to have one, finally.
In case you are wondering about the boyfriend that I went out to Vancouver with (Kent)… he stayed out there for a bit to work, and because he really wanted his parents to see the west coast, because his mom is originally an east coaster and neither of them had been out west. So now after what feels like forever, he is leaving in 3 days to come home. I can’t wait to see him, but I know it’s going to be another thing that takes a lot of adjustment, for both of us, because I think he is planning to live in my city, where he doesn’t know anyone, rather than his hometown of Toronto. He’ll be here in 2 weeks so I will let you know how it all goes down!