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Last Christmas I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away. December 18, 2007

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I seriously suck at this whole blogging thing!! BUT!! I am going to try. Every time I write one I stop halfway through and delete it so this is your promise that that won’t happen this time. Even if this is the most boring thing you have ever read I promise that I will keep on truckin.

So today is Tuesday otherwise known as my day off! Also my payday so it means I always do a lot of napping and shopping. This morning I went shopping with my two friends named Michelle. We finished up a bit of Christmas shopping then went out for lunch, then to Chapters for awhile. After that I took a nice long nap. Leah and I stayed up way too last last night playing guitar so it was needed. I taught her her first 3 chords! And a song! Later I will go to Kent’s house and cuddle with him and try to set up my ipod. The instruction booklet seems to say (in picture form with no words) that I just hook it up to my computer, open up itunes and it will magically work… that did not happen. Nothing happened. So I need to figure it out.

 This morning I got the weirdest call from some solicitor, who seem to call here at least 3 times a day. They said they are marketing magazines to Thorndale, Ontario (haha if they had ever been to Thorndale they would know that right away that sounds way fishy) and for free they would like to send us a subscription to Style at Home Decorating, Canadian Living, and Lulu, this new shopping magazine that I think Erica reads sometimes. That sounded great to me, and all they needed to know were some of my hobbies. After I told them some hobbies they told me that in order to get the magazines we would have to subscribe to Macleans for only $2 a week. What a stupid catch. We already get Macleans from Oma, AND Michelle P bought her dad a subscription to Macleans for a year for Christmas and it only cost $48! So basically they are charging us double for something we don’t even want in the first place. UGH… I was looking forward to that Style At Home Decorating magazine coming here every month along with the House & Home we already get that I love. So that is the story about how I almost got us three magazine subscriptions for free but then found out that I am just naive and should not have trusted them in the first place.

I am looking forward to Christmas but it will be my first Christmas Day away from home. I’m going to Kent’s family’s house because he never gets to see them ever, and I haven’t even met most of his extended family. His nana is coming up from Cape Breton so I think it’s important that I meet her. I’m really hoping the weather cooperates because the last 2 times we’ve tried to go to Toronto, there has been huge snowstorms. Kent will be sooo sad if he misses Christmas with his fam. I’m really excited for it, especially to meet his 3 aunts that he says will be obsessed with me. I’m not really sure why… but… it will be interesting anyways!


Christmas is right around the corner! November 23, 2007

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Ok maybe not RIGHT around the corner, being 31 days away, but I just can’t help but get excited for the season, especially since we now have snow on the ground. We are a family that LOVES winter, snow, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing.. give us it all, because we just love it. And along with all the fun activities comes the Christmas parties and Christmas decorations! This is my first year with my own house to decorate and I am so excited. I think I’m probably scaring Scott with all the plans I have to decorate.

We already have a Christmas tree (fake) which was a wedding gift from the choir leader at my church (no it’s not up yet!)! I do love a real Christmas tree, but I can appreciate the fact that fake trees do not shed, plus with a cat that loves climbing trees I know that we really do need a fake tree. So to make up for the lack of Christmas tree smell I think I’m going to have an air freshener in the room that has the fragrance of pine or fir, just to get the smell in the air. I’m such a cheater. For decorations on the tree I’ve managed to hold off from buying anything yet because I don’t want a mis-mash tree. Because decorations can get pretty pricey, Scott and I are probably just going to go to Zellers or Wal-Mart and buy lots of decorations that all match. That way we don’t invest too much into this tree and can always change decorations later if we decide we don’t like them (or if the cat breaks them all).

Here are some cute house decorations I’ve found on the internet so far… Take a look and show me your favourite Christmas decoration for your house!


How cute is this table centerpiece? Fill it with candy(covered chocolate balls) or small ornaments.


Martha Stewart has lots of ideas for decorations inside and outside your house.


I’m such a sucker for Pier 1 (as is Erica which you learned in her last entry)


Furniture Shopping September 26, 2007

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I believe, in the near future, that furniture shopping will be the death of me (and my money).

Scott and I went furniture shopping last night to browse and get an idea of what’s out there and how much it will cost. We went to 5 stores (!!) in 1.5 hours. We call it speed furniture shopping, see how much you can see in a small amount of time. We hit up Bad Boy, Leons, The Brick, Sears Home Store and Teppermans.

We learned that we don’t like any couches out there and that couches are actually pretty expensive. For couches we found the best deals at Teppermans, and found some pretty reasonable prices in the clearance section. Sadly this was our last store and we did not have enough time to look at everything and they even started turning lights off while we were there.

We learned that we both like dark coloured wood for furniture. For example see this kitchen table that we liked, which is on sale for $498 for the table (including a leaf you can add in, ) and I think 4 chairs.

For bedroom furniture we also found a few that we could tolerate, which were dark wood. We also don’t like bulky sets, which is good because it is not practical for us, as we are renting a house for the first bit of married life, and we will expect to move a few times until we settle down. The set below costs $1299 for 6 pieces (headboard, footboard, rails, nightstand, mirror and dresser). The price is in the lower price range, basically the only one we could afford if we bought a full set.

Don’t even get me started on mattresses. We got nowhere with those. I seriously have no idea how to decide what to get, because I know I will have no idea if I will like it or not, unless I am sleeping on it.

Lucky for us the house we are renting has a fridge, stove, dishwasher, washer and dryer. If we had to buy those we would be so poor. Oh wait, we already are..


It’s the Weekend – Time to Relax! September 7, 2007

TGIFHappy Friday y’all!

We have some cool links for you today, a blog promotion tip, and – the best – ANTICIPATION! Kate and Scott’s Stag and Doe is this weekend. The planning and preparation is pretty much over. Judging from the last Stag and Doe we all went to, there will be some crazy pictures resulting. Plus, we’ll tell you how to plan a super-successful stag and doe / buck and doe / jack and jill / wedding social. Definitely the most entertaining way to celebrate and help fun your wedding!

Blog Promotion Tip

Are you on Facebook, and have a WordPress blog as well? Let your friends know about it by adding the WordPress app to your profile. We found a blogger who posted great instructions on adding the WordPress app to your profile. Thanks, Thomas!

Erica, Micaela, and Katelyn have it on their profiles, and FiveBlondes has seen a good amount of traffic come through from our friends clicking through. Thanks, friends! Now, go tell your friends who don’t know us, ok? OK!


When it comes to shopping and fun finds, there’s one website I check every day: Outblush is “The Shopping Blog for Women” – what could be better? Outblush always finds the cutest and trendiest clothes, accessories, home decor, gadgets, books, and more! They have a newsletter and RSS feed so you can get the best stuff, however you want it. What’s your favorite item this week?

E-mail Icon Generator

Our fun online find this week is a custom email image generator. This is great tool to use for your blog or website – put it in your sidebar if you want to let people know how to reach you, without falling prey to an evil SPAM-BOT trolling the web for your email address! If you have an address with a common provider such as Gmail or Hotmail (check out the list!) , you can get an image with their logo on it. This is fantastic for people with visual memories! If your email provider isn’t represented, no worries – you can get a custom button made, and even pick your own colours. I made two – one for our GMail addy, and a custom button for our fiveblondes [dot] ca address.

Why don’t you email us? We’d love to hear from you.


fiveblondes at gmail thegirls at fiveblondes


New iPods are here! Now my Mini is 3 generations old. September 5, 2007

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New iPods


What’s this? Don’t recognize the shapely new iPods?

That’s because they’re new, as of today! This is the new Nano (note the new colours, and the skinny shape – only 6.5mm). The iPod Classic has beefy new storage space – up to 160GB, wow! And finally the kicker – iPod Touch: basically an iPhone, minus the phone capabilities.

For fans of the smallest of the iPods, the Shuffle, it has a brand new colour palette: ipod_colours.png

I’m torn between the purple and the fuschia – which is your favorite?


Random lovin August 30, 2007

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I found this website called The Spoon Sisters through Wedding Bee and I think I found a new love, sorry Scott, but this website has everything a girl could need and more.

Check out these party cups.. perfect for the upcoming Stag and Doe (more about that later).


And this shoe door stopper, perfect to hold my office door open for the world to see.


This Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook for College is perfect for Lauren who’s heading off to University! Advice on how to survive “the spins,” discover the best way to sleep in class, identifying unsafe institutional food and much more.


These luggage tags are way too cute. Perfect for all the traveling I well don’t do.. A girl can dream right?


Heart paper clips because who could resist these cuties.


and lastly Emergency Chocolate. Any other choc-a-holics out there? chocolate.jpg


Lululemon comes to London August 3, 2007

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Lululemon LogoCoinciding nicely with Lululemon being listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (LLL : TSX), this weekend I discovered that delightful red calling card of a future Lululemon storefront in Masonville Mall.

Joy! Bliss! Weight will soon be lost – from the wallet, at least.

I’ve been anticipating Lululemon coming to London for some time now. The brand can be seen all over the Western campus on clothing, book bags, and sometimes – sometimes! – even yoga wear.

Lululemon was once available from downtown Moksha Yoga in London, however last year sometime they stopped carrying it (although they continue to say they do on their website). I’m not sure of the exact reason, although I heard a rumor that it may be related to Lululemon moving their manufacturing off-shore. I emailed the store and Annette tells me that they “have a limited supply of Lululemon clothing still in stock”.

Regardless of where their clothing is manufactured and despite the fact that I don’t go to regular yoga classes, I love Lululemon – it’s great for biking, and they make the coziest sweatshirts I’ve ever worn!

You can sign up for weekly product notifications specific to individual Lululemon stores – my name is already on the list. See you at the Grand Opening!