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Frustrating December 21, 2007

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Time out for a rant:

Know what is frustrating?

When you have a job that is rarely busy, and realtors never ask for help. You just sit at your desk all day, in your office all alone, making work for yourself. Then a realtor calls and asks if you will be working on the day before Christmas and you say you are not sure yet (gosh darn it, it’s the day before Christmas, do people really need to buy a farm on the day before Christmas?) and they say “okay, well I’ll be working” and you ask, will you need me to do anything? and he says “I don’t know if I will need your help,” but seems frustrated that you are not working, because what if he needs me to do some minuscule task?! What the heck is up with that? Would it make him feel better just to know that I was sitting in the office, miserable to be working on Christmas eve and bored out of my mind?

End rant out loud, continue rant in my head.


Memories December 17, 2007

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From left to right: Katelyn, Micaela, Leah, Erica and Lauren

Us as kids, we were so cute!

Photoshoping by Lauren.


Christmas… November 29, 2007

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Just a look at our crazy family from back when…


And Kate, I think this is the kind of tree you should think about getting for Chase…
chase tree

25 days until Christmas!


We are married! October 29, 2007

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Saturday was a wonderful day! The rain/winds did not put a damper on our spirits and everyone had a great time! The dance floor was PACKED all night, it was perfect.

Here are some teaser pictures (stolen from my mom’s blog), taken by Lauren.

Me, the bride! on the front porch.

Just prounced husband and wife!

And this picture is from Scott’s cousin, I really like it!

Now we have a week of relaxation, and then we are off to Costa Rica for 10 days!


Wedding is in full force October 26, 2007

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Sorry there are no updates! We are all setting up and getting ready for the wedding!

Check back Monday for updates!


Bachelorette Fun. October 20, 2007

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Thursday night was my bachelorette party. First we went to the maid of honors house and had a little pre-party there- drinks, games and food! They decided to make it a “stock Kate’s bar” shower, so I got some alcohol there and shot glasses! Ashley (my future sister-in-law) made very cute shirts. The back of the bridesmaid shirts read “Shes our little whiskey girl and shes getting hitched!” Plus a picture of (drunk) Scott and me.

Later in the night we headed to the Ranch, a country bar in Guelph. I was at the Ranch many nights during my 4 year undergrad so it was great to be back, even though it was not as packed as it normally is. At the ranch we drank, danced, took lots of pictures and made friends with the band! All night they would call my name out and say random comments about us. The owner gave everyone with the bachelorette party shots of tequila rose, which I love. We’ll just say the next morning was a bit rough..

Here are some pictures of the madness that occured that night.

Putting on my pink garter for the night.



New Fashion Obsession? October 2, 2007

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Today I did the thing that I am sure each person does at least once in their lifetime, and unfortunately for me, today was that day. I was late for a presentation. LATE! It was awful and I have never been more embarrased in my entire life. 25 Minutes. That is A LOT of minutes. Luckily for me, my partner was there and got everything set up while the class just stared at her. I worked SOOO hard on it too, and it looked awesome yet I still slept in. Also, my professor is totally awesome and said “These things happen.” WHAT??!!?? I was seriously expecting a zero. The presentation itself was only supposed o be 1/2 an hour long.

I just can’t find enough time to do all of the things I need to do. Between school (a full courseload this semester, and I have to graduate this year), my work placement (12 hours a week downtown at the Women in Crisis Sexual Assault Centre, which is a totally emotionally draning job), my part-time job serving and bartending (about 3 shifts a week, although I need the money so I want more but then I would fail at all other aspects of my life), Gerontology and ADFW Student Association (of which I am the President), Kate’s wedding, boyfriend (which is a job all in itself) and being a good daughter, sister and friend I am DRAINED!!!! I have no time for relaxing, I am up until at least 1 or 2am each night studying, creating projects, doing assignments or just reading I am starting to become burnt-out! But it is all stuff that I can’t stop doing. Right now I am skipping 2 classes to do a project for my placement class, to type up a Constitution for Gero, and to study for a midterm that I have Thursday and I just finished my presentation for Gero class. At least I can check that off my list! I have to work Wednesday night and have a midterm Thursday morning.

I guess this is what to expect in my fourth year of University. In some ways, I REALLY like it. I like being pushed and challenged and to have a lot of responsibilities outside of my comfort zone. It helps me to grow as a person and realize what I am capable of (and not capable of). But it sure is a lot to handle.

I am thinking about applying for a job on campus and leaving my other job. Or, just taking a leave of absence. I lately am really thinking about going into Therapy and Counseling, and I would like a job on campus at the Couple and Family Therapy Centre. First of all, a job on campus would make my life SOO much easier. Second of all, I would have the evenings to do work and be an actual person. I guess when I go in to work and all I do is pour beer for people I have to pretend to care about, all the while having to talk to (and get hit on by) some absolutely vile, disgusting persons who don’t even deserve to be alive (okay, maybe only one) it gets tiring. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my job. I love my bosses, my coworkers, and most of the customers, but it gets tiring. Also, it is a trap that I don’t want to fall into what I am saying is that serving and bartending is easy. It comes naturally to me, I love people and meeting new people and learning about others lives but it gets so tiring after awhile. It is not what I want to do after graduation, or for any length of time for the rest of my life. Maybe this all stems from my need to be challenged and pushed. This job is not challenging me enough. Sure, the money isn’t bad, but I don’t want my life experiences and learning to be based on money (or lack thereof). I have the job because it is easy and it makes me money. Why can’t I find a job in a field that interests me and makes me money? This is why I have made a pact to myself to apply for a job at the Family & Therapy Centre – even just as a receptionist would get me some actual experience in a career path and job field I am interested in.

I never thought I was the person to go back to school after achieving my undergrad, but with graduation approaching, the idea of NOT being in school scares me. Maybe it is a little bit of a cop-out – putting off real life for as long as I can while I can further educate myself and make it seem to others that I have it all figured out. Like I know what I am doing, while in reality I have no idea.

So this is me thinking about graduate school. Scary. I know.

This whole post was supposed to be about a new fashion obsession but it has turned into a vent for my feelings. Although, as a wise person has once told me – “Leah, you have to feel your feelings.”

“Their line originated in the childhood dream of sisters… the Beckermans remain an idustrious team.” Eric Wilson, The New York Times

The Beckermans are three (blonde!) sisters from Toronto who created a fashion line based on their own unique personal styles. The clothes are great, they have a lot of fun with their designs and they are living out their dream. There is currently an entire Facebook group dedicated to pictures of people wearing their clothes. (Check out the “I’M WEARING BECKERMAN!!!” group)


Check out their site ( and let me know what you guys think!

Now it is back to reality and the books for me.