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LOLWeddings December 13, 2007

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Since Erica likes icanhascheezburger I thought it would be funny to share these two website I discovered today.


This first one is from LOLVogue.  I love it, 🙂

And now they came up with LOLWedding.


What will they come up with next.


Thank you cards November 29, 2007

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So now that we have Internet at home I have no excuse for not blogging about our wedding and honeymoon right? WRONG! I am just so busy. Tonight I was serving at mens night, where Scott is currently getting his drink on and I have to go pick up his drunk butt later. Hopefully he does not call too late, and if it is late hopefully he just manages to get a ride from someone else.

So the purpose of this post is to get some help figuring out what to do for a thank-you card. I want to make a picture into a card, and you can get this done pretty cheaply from ($0.35 / card and there’s many coupon codes!). However I need your help deciding what image and what layout to use!

Snapfish has lots of layouts, however for what I am doing I really only like 1 layout. The card can be horizontal or vertical. I like both layouts, it basically just depends on the picture we choose.

So we have the option to use that layout and put 1 picture in the frame.

Another option is to find a place that lets you upload your own photo to the whole front of the card, and make a collage of a few pictures for it (or use the pretty collage that Brenda made for us! not sure about the kissy part). How come pictures always look grainy when I put them on? And my face looks to be an odd colour?

Okay I know the following photos are not us, I’m using them for the idea, and because I don’t have a good photo editor at home. Just picture our faces on the bodies..


I love the simplicity of the one below. 1 picture and then Thank you. Maybe I should just go the simple route and do that.

So… any HELP!?!

EDIT: With your suggestions I have made this for you:

Likey? I was unsure of where to place the thankyou.


Inspiration for our First Dance at our Wedding? November 27, 2007

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D would never agree to this…but it’s funny nonetheless! Turn up your speakers – and Enjoy!

Best Wedding Dance Ever

SADLY I cannot get the video to embed because I am video-embedding-deficient. *sigh*

Click on it – you’ll like it, I promise!  Then leave a comment about how much you enjoyed it!


October 27, 2007 November 20, 2007

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It’s hard to believe that we were married 3 and a half weeks ago! It seems just like yesterday that we were planning and getting really nervous. I’m so happy now that we are married, and the wedding is over. I can’t count the millions of times that I have said to Scott ‘I’m so happy that we’re married!’, while just lounging around the house. Sounds corny but it’s so true.

The wedding went really well. We even have our pictures back from our photographer! I don’t have the internet at home yet so no pictures will be on the blog until I get the internet. It’s torture waiting, I know. 🙂

Gosh I don’t even know where to start writing about the wedding! Maybe I’ll wait until I have pictures, so I can put words to my pictures and I’ll know what to write.

I’ll post one picture of our cake at the wedding (taken by a guest) with this comment..

“What is wrong with this picture”

PS the honeymoon was perfect! More on that later as well, when I have access to my pictures with the internet.


We are married! October 29, 2007

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Saturday was a wonderful day! The rain/winds did not put a damper on our spirits and everyone had a great time! The dance floor was PACKED all night, it was perfect.

Here are some teaser pictures (stolen from my mom’s blog), taken by Lauren.

Me, the bride! on the front porch.

Just prounced husband and wife!

And this picture is from Scott’s cousin, I really like it!

Now we have a week of relaxation, and then we are off to Costa Rica for 10 days!


Wedding is in full force October 26, 2007

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Sorry there are no updates! We are all setting up and getting ready for the wedding!

Check back Monday for updates!


Wedding Songs October 22, 2007

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I’m having trouble choosing music for the reception. There are just so many songs out there and I want the perfect one. Scott and I don’t really have a song, I really wish we did because it’s killing me trying to choose a song for our first dance. I don’t want it to be too long, because we are not dancers so it will just be us turning in circles on the dance floor which is boring for everyone else to watch. I’m considering having the bridal party come in halfway through the song so it takes some attention off Scott and myself.

Here are the songs I have come up with. I found a really good website which lets you preview the songs, which I find really helpful. You can picture yourself dancing to it and decide if it will work or not.

First Dance: “We Are Man and Wife” Michelle Featherstone (You can here it here on her myspace.)

Bridal Party Dance: They will come inhalfway through our first dance song because it is a bit long, and because I gave up finding a song for them to dance to.

Father/Daughter: “You’ve Got A Friend” James Taylor

Mother/Son: “What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong

Cake Cutting: “Everlasting Love” Natalie Cole

Garter Toss: “Another One Bites The Dust” Queen

Bouquet Toss: “Single White Female” Chelsy Wright

The wedding is in 4 days and 23 hours.. not that I’m counting down..

1 more day of work this week and I’m free, to do all the last minute planning I need to do.