Five Blondes

most of the time, at least. Sisters forever.

FAQ August 17, 2007

Inspired by Heather Armstrong at Dooce, here is our list of FAQs. Many are gleaned from real-life and are questions we’re sometimes asked; others are random bits of trivia you may just find interesting.

1. Are you really all sisters?

Yes. Next question?

2. No brothers?


3. Wow. Your poor father!

That’s the typical response. Way to be original.  Next question?

4. How old are you?

As of August 17, 2007, we range in age from 18 to 25.  That will be accurate until June 9, 2008.

5. Where do you live?

Southwestern Ontario. That’s as specific as I’ll get here – although various blog posts may get more specific.

6. What do you do?

Lots. Career-wise, we work in the technology, finance, real estate, agriculture, and food services industries.  As for hobbies, we snowboard, ski, golf, Facebook, play board games, party, play slowpitch baseball, travel, take pictures, and enjoy each other’s company.  In our post-secondary educations, we have studied / are studying film, agriculture, psychology, english, gerontology, foods & nutrition, and criminology.

7.  Can I add you to my blogroll?

Sure!  Let us know when you do: thegirls [at]

8.  Will you add me to your blogroll?

Maybe.  Email us a request ( thegirls [at] ) or just start commenting actively.  We’ll let you know when we add you!

9.  I have another question.  Will you answer it?

Ask us in a blog comment, or give us a shout: thegirls [at]  If it’s a good question, we may put it in our FAQ (with some link love for you, of course!).


One Response to “FAQ”

  1. -eric- Says:

    hey girls,

    just found out about your blog via SPOTT. cool site. looking forward to reading more posts from your site.

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