Five Blondes

most of the time, at least. Sisters forever.

How did you get here? August 16, 2007

Search terms can be weird.

  • lululemon butt pictures – lululemons DO make your butt look fab.
  • blondes in chains – OH MY…
  • the fames blondes over the worl – someone came in LAST in the spelling bee!
  • sook-yin lee – host of DNTO
  • “password=love” – awww…
  • blondes taking off their clouds – another non-speller…or strange dresser.
  • Five Blondes Dvd – ewww someone actually searching for that porno!
  • why is lululemon stock not moving – an impatient investor? Considering the state of the markets right now (8/24/07), you should be happy that the stock is not dropping!
  • random important things to say to my boy
  • getting engaged in niagara falls
  • erica lauren – Lauren, was this you? UPDATE – apparently there is a porn star named…Erica Lauren.
  • random important things to say to my boy – oh yeah, we totally have those…?
  • how to make lots of money pig farming – maybe you should ask our parents.
  • wedding pictures of blondes – right now we have engagement pictures. Check back in November for the wedding pics!
  • chances of getting rehired at hp – huh??!
  • several blondes making out – JEEZ people, we don’t make out. I’m sure I’m going to be seeing search terms involving incest soon…and now that the word ‘incest’ is here, I KNOW we’ll see them.
  • girl changes flat tire – uh-huh, we do that!
  • I had worn my shirt backwards all day – Oh Kate, your silliness is drawing visitors!
  • you’re every song and i sing along – We get visitors who have used this search term (or some variant) to get here EVERY DAY! Obviously this can be attributed to Mic’s post titled “You’re Every Song, and I Sing Along Cuz You’re my Everything“.
  • kid picking nose – HUH? For real?
  • five blondes – finally! Could this be people searching for us?

Other referrers:

Our Facebook pages. Kate and Erica have the WordPress app installed and quite like it. Kate and Lauren have the blog as their ‘website’ as well. All our friends come over đŸ™‚ You guys rock!

Stumbleupon. Kate’s post about her ideal job is especially popular on Stumbleupon. Also, my boss recently made me a ‘sponsor’ stumbler, which is pretty neat. I’m getting most of our blog posts and everything important on our website into the Stumbleupon system.

Mom. Seven referrals yesterday (8/30). I hope it’s her PatternReview friends, rather than herself checking to see if we’ve updated (and throwing off our stats). If it is you, mom, try the RSS feed.

We’re part of Blogger Chicks (almost) – You can join too by clicking ‘BloggerChicks’ on the sidebar.


One Response to “How did you get here?”

  1. goldenstar Says:

    through your mom’s blog!

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