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Dreams December 10, 2007

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Sometimes dreams feel so real when you wake up you are surprised, and sometimes this surprise is relief because you are no longer in the dream. I am the kind of person who experiences many of these dreams, and I had one last night.

Some of you may not know this but Micaela and I are brownie leaders. A week or 2 ago I was talking to a blog stalker (HI Little Leah!) and telling her a humorous tale of a pot-luck that Micaela and I went to with other guider leaders in our area. The stalker was very surprised that I was a brownie leader because apparently we don’t mention it much in out blogs. So there you go, Micaela and I are brownie leaders.


Anyways back to the dream. Mic and I have a craft night planned for tonight, we looked all over to find styrofoam cones (at a reasonable price, they are so expensive at Michaels!) and finally found some and have just enough for 9 brownies. Now in my dream I dreamed that we were at brownies and all of these stranger children came too. We had about 8 new brownies and 5 of them were boys (boys are not allowed to be brownies)! And these boys were not age 7 and 8 like normal brownies, they were about 13 and 16 and claimed to be 7. In my dream all the parents decided to stay and watch us with the brownies and were so loud. The brownies meeting was a nightmare because we did not have enough supplies and the kids were crazy. In my dream they were running all aound the basement of the church where we have meetings and it was horrible. Then my alarm clock went off, with the radio turned way too loud and I was startled out of the dream. And very happy to be out of it, but a bit stressed out.

I think I had the dream because our craft supplies were so hard to find, because the meeting was post phoned from last week because the weather was so bad last week, and because Mic and I are slacker brownies leaders and we never have it quite planned out, although it always turns out well.

So that’s my dream about brownies and confession that Mic and I are slacker brownie leaders.

Leah always has really good dreams, and eating a meal with her is never complete without learning about Leah’s weird dreams. Like the one where Mic is pregnant and Leah and Mic climb into Micaela’s womb and bash it inside out, but thats another story for another time…


Elffin’ December 4, 2007

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Merry Elfmass to my 4 sisters

Love Kate


A Letter to Those of You who Arrived at FiveBlondes via Search Engines December 3, 2007

Firstly, thank you for visiting.  If I knew you were coming I’d have baked a cake.

To the visitor who searched for “where is nudge button scrabulous“: alas, Scrabulous has altered the use of the ‘nudge’.  No longer can you nudge at will; now they make you wait a few days.  Personally I enjoy that feature as I have had up to 12 games on the go at once.  It can be hard to keep up!

For our many visitors who arrive with inquiries on how to keep track of who has visited your Facebook profile page:  I must redirect you to  They note that there is currently only one FB (same initials as FiveBlondes…coincidence? Yeah, prolly) app that tracks who visited your page – and those viisting must also have that app for it to work properly (if at all).  Anyway, it’s called Trazkor, and it doesn’t seem to work.

Looking for Erica Lauren, adult film star?  Well, we have Erica and we have Lauren, but sadly (for you) no Erica Lauren.

Lastly, we have what is perhaps my favorite source of traffic.  Those of you looking for “Lululemon Butt Pics”.  While we do love our Lulu, if there are any pictures of our butts in them, it is not intentional.

So, to all you disappointed visitors I extend my apologies and st the same time I thank you for visiting.  I hope you found something you liked.


Christmas… November 29, 2007

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Just a look at our crazy family from back when…


And Kate, I think this is the kind of tree you should think about getting for Chase…
chase tree

25 days until Christmas!


Thank you cards

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So now that we have Internet at home I have no excuse for not blogging about our wedding and honeymoon right? WRONG! I am just so busy. Tonight I was serving at mens night, where Scott is currently getting his drink on and I have to go pick up his drunk butt later. Hopefully he does not call too late, and if it is late hopefully he just manages to get a ride from someone else.

So the purpose of this post is to get some help figuring out what to do for a thank-you card. I want to make a picture into a card, and you can get this done pretty cheaply from ($0.35 / card and there’s many coupon codes!). However I need your help deciding what image and what layout to use!

Snapfish has lots of layouts, however for what I am doing I really only like 1 layout. The card can be horizontal or vertical. I like both layouts, it basically just depends on the picture we choose.

So we have the option to use that layout and put 1 picture in the frame.

Another option is to find a place that lets you upload your own photo to the whole front of the card, and make a collage of a few pictures for it (or use the pretty collage that Brenda made for us! not sure about the kissy part). How come pictures always look grainy when I put them on? And my face looks to be an odd colour?

Okay I know the following photos are not us, I’m using them for the idea, and because I don’t have a good photo editor at home. Just picture our faces on the bodies..


I love the simplicity of the one below. 1 picture and then Thank you. Maybe I should just go the simple route and do that.

So… any HELP!?!

EDIT: With your suggestions I have made this for you:

Likey? I was unsure of where to place the thankyou.


Project Runway News! November 27, 2007

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This is for mom, about Project Runway and Sarah Jessica Parker…
Project Runway Dress

It’s instant gratification for “Project Runway” fans: A version of Victorya Hong’s winning dress from Wednesday’s episode will be available for sale as early as Friday.

The dress is being offered as part of Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten line, sold at Steve & Barry’s stores nationwide. The “Sex and the City” star was the week’s guest judge on the Bravo reality show about fashion.

The challenge put to the aspiring designer contestants was to create an outfit appropriate for Parker’s casual sportswear collection, known for its cheap pricing compared with other celebrity clothing lines.

The Bitten interpretation of the dress will be offered in black or burgundy for $19.98, and the vest that goes with it will come in gray or black for $14.98.

“I loved Victorya’s design immediately when I saw it during my appearance on ‘Project Runway,'” Parker said in a statement.

Hong’s original dress will be on display at Steve & Barry’s flagship Manhattan store for several weeks.


Inspiration for our First Dance at our Wedding?

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D would never agree to this…but it’s funny nonetheless! Turn up your speakers – and Enjoy!

Best Wedding Dance Ever

SADLY I cannot get the video to embed because I am video-embedding-deficient. *sigh*

Click on it – you’ll like it, I promise!  Then leave a comment about how much you enjoyed it!